Tuesday, February 20, 2007

"It's like I'm Superman": Heroes

After four middling episodes, Heroes finally pulled the good stuff out as sweeps begin to wind down. I think most people would agree that this episode had a lot of good stuff going for it, so good that it masked the more boring bits quite well.

Let's start with Peter. It was really great to see SOMEONE using Hiro and Nathan's powers, considering we haven't seen sight of them for weeks (to be fair, Hiro did half-use them himself afterwards, but so briefly it barely counted). In fact, I had started to worry about the flying, thinking maybe they were skimping on it because they didn't have the bucks to make it look good (Smallville's brushes with flying have always verged on the embarrassing), but Peter zipping through New York looked pretty decent, and was very cool indeed. Even better was his sort-of-showdown with Isaac, displaying multiple powers at once as well as a nastier side. Nice demonstration of how good a fighter Peter can be, but also how dangerous he can be. I sure hope that's not the last we've seen of Chris Eccleston (of course it isn't), because Claude's involvement has boosted Peter from dopey dreamer to hardcore power encyclopedia who actually, y'know, does stuff. As for Simone's death...well, we all saw it coming, but if you're gonna kill someone on this show, I bet she was most people's first pick. Never really took off as a character. Shame, I guess, but maybe it'll free Isaac up a little more.

Hiro had to wrap up his dull Vegas caper, but it did open up better story avenues. For one, thee was the glimpse of his powers again, which have been sorely missed, and for two, he got on a bus being driven by Stan Lee. Which has to be a good thing (seriously, what won't that guy appear in?). Losing Ando is sad, but I saw it coming (although for a second I did think they might kill him). I guess the writers are trying to harden Hiro somewhat, as well as renewing his passion for his quest, and the buddy routine won't play anymore. If only they had Jayma Mays for him to go to! Still, I liked his conversation with the shotgun-wielding businessman criminal--it's funny how he'll take advice from basically anyone. Losing his subtitled patter with Ando better lead to him being all cool-Hiro-from-episode-five sooner rather than later, however. There's only so much mopey Hiro I can take.

Matt, while still uninteresting himself, was accompanied by two cooler-powered people (radiation Ted and wireless Israeli chick) and participated in a cool cliffhanger, so I guess I can forgive him this week. Still, more domestic antics with his stone-cold boring wife? You gotta be kidding me. Making her pregnant was a pretty disastrous idea, because it means they can't really just make her vanish anytime soon. She's such a deadweight, though, that I'd literally be happy to see her up and walk away, baby or no baby. Speaking of deadweights, what is that rattling between Mohinder's ears? I think I'd find him tracking down everyone on the list much more interesting if Sylar wasn't there creepily eyeing everyone while Mohinder smiles away obliviously. I applaud the show revealing Sylar's identity early on instead of building it up to what could have only been an anti-climactic revelation, but now that he's hiding in plain sight all the time he's really not that scary at all. They should ratch up the villain-o-meter on him a little more. Also, they should not pair him with Mohinder, because Mohinder is just SO LAME. And that Mohinder hasn't cottoned on is obviously stupid, as I'm sure everyone has pointed out already. Oh well. Rusty Schwimmer (second GG guest star as a new hero in two weeks! woo!) was good, at least.

Anything I'm forgetting? No Niki/Jessica this week, woo! Claire was fine, her little showdown with her dad in the hospital well-acted by both parties. I'll leave you with this:

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Todd VanDerWerff said...

Even if she doesn't return as a regular, we are just lucky to be living in a time when Jayma Mays is alive and among us.