Friday, February 23, 2007

"Ouch.": Grey's Anatomy

So, the sweeps super-arc has come and gone, and it was neither as good or as bad as you've probably heard from various sources. Shonda Rhimes' not-quite-as-crazy-as-she-thought-it-was Meredith-goes-to-heaven plot was the dominant (and really, only terrifically interesting) plot this go around, in an episode written by Rhimes and Buffy scribe Marti Noxon (who has bounced from show to show since the collapse of the Buffyverse) and directed by Adam Arkin. The pedigree was high, especially as recently elected king of the universe Kyle Chandler (in case you're wondering, Jayma Mays is his queen) was guest-starring as bomb disposal expert Dylan, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan showed up as Denny Duquette, a man who Rhimes clearly believes deserves instant canonization.

There was good stuff to be had in dreamworld too, including Dylan and Denny debating their relative worthiness as ghosts, the girl from "Into You Like A Train" coming back and trippily bleeding from her midsection, and a pretty good job done by Ellen Pompeo, considering the ridiculousness of her situation. Honestly, she actually didn't have a lot to work with, minus the one freakout at the end, considering how they've been building on her depression in the last few weeks. Most of the drama came from either Denny or the rest of the cast struggling to save her. Most ridiculous, I felt, was having her and Ellis cross paths on the way to life and death respectively. The intention seemed to be having Ellis say goodbye to Meredith while in a cogent state, but it seemed a little too cheeseball for me, whereas most of the rest of the fantasy hour had avoided going overboard.

Back in the real world, there was much variance to be found in everyone's reaction to Meredith's plight. The Chief and Miranda were reliably action-stations with a nice heapful of emotion, George's despondency seemed to fit the character especially considering his recent troubles, and I personally dug Cristina going to the 99 cent store and moping with the bartender. Anything in the bar, in basically any show, usually sways me, and I particularly like the Grey's bar (I wish they'd use it more often). Alex continues to be the most solidly likeable guy on the show these days, basically because the writers haven't screwed with him nearly as much, and Addison's (who is apparently departing these shores soon) no-sex dare to Mark was such an old move, I could almost smell the mothballs, but still a pretty funny idea. The cut from her saying "who am I gonna sleep with?" to Alex was beyond obvious, but I woulda thrown popcorn at the screen had they not done it.

As for Izzie, what's to say anymore? Izzie, Izzie, Izzie. Shonda has gone overboard with her, trying to play against her usually cheerful disposition but instead just turning her into some hateful black hole of horror. Her whole "I can speak my mind because I AM YOUR FRIEND" thing could have worked for a little comedy, but now it's just unusually distasteful. I guess they're gonna redeem her, but I have no idea how. Bringing Denny back wasn't great for extracting her from all that despairing nonsense either.

I'm glad we're out of the woods here, honestly. After spending so long looking forward to some true event stuff from Grey's, now I'm looking forward to a nice gentle mix of the goofy and the soapy. Although any time we can have more Kyle Chandler (hello? identical twin subplot, plz!) is fine by me.

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