Friday, February 02, 2007

"She's Callie O'Malley!": Grey's Anatomy

There was a LOT going on in this episode. Which is good. It was sort of a Grey's event-episode without anything too crazy happening (although Ellis' lucidity was a little crazy, I guess--how improbable is it? I actually have no idea). The whole cast delivered, there was a cool medical case, a quickie marriage and Kate Burton firing on all cylinders.

The weakest plot, in my eyes, was the clinic. Let's just ignore the implausibility of the whole thing, if we can (how did they build it so fast!? why would such a snazzy private hospital have one!? who does it appeal to!?), the whole thing is clearly to take the burden off of the surgical side of things and mix in some more humanity. Hence, Izzie's involvement, but does Miranda have to be such a caring, motherly, wonderful person these days? I miss cut-throat Miranda, kicking ass and taking names on the surgical floor! Chandra Wilson is a gifted actress and I had no problem with her scenes this week, but I'm not sure this is the best direction for her character. Izzy is suited to the clinic, and once she stops babbling about Denny Duqette and the 8 million dollars I think they can throw her some fine plots over there. But it seems like such a superfluous thing right now. Maybe once it's teeming with patients, it'll be better.

I have no complaints about George and Callie, my two favorites these days (along with Addison) who were really great this week. Sara Ramirez just keeps getting better and better: she's easily one of the most consistent performers on the show. Her revealing Callie's middle name, and George standing up for her against Izzie's really bitchy behavior, was obvious, but really sweet. Normally I would think such a quick marriage would be a bad idea, but since everyone's getting married on TV these days, why the hell not? George and Callie are definitely older and more in the money than say, Jason Street and Lyla Garrity.

There was a deep-background patient plot that turned out to be your classic Grey's case--totally unbelievable and totally arresting. The woman with the TOXIC BLOOD that seemed to turn her into human chloroform was certainly different, and the reveal on the whole surgical team collapsed around her was a nice touch. Led to in-character heroics from Addison and the yellow-bellied Sloane hiding behind his seniority (I still dig him, though!). Definitely one of the better patient plots in recent episodes.

Undoubtedly the showcase here was Kate Burton. She's always been very capable as Ellis Grey, but as the REAL Ellis (i.e. briefly unencumbered by Alzheimer's) she really knocked it out of the park. It was interesting to see her with Cristina (who obviously gives off an Ellis vibe) and Webber. Even smarter was that they spaced out her interactions with Meredith. Ellen Pompeo is always at her best with Burton and she was no different this time around. Kept what could have been a really soapy plot full of histrionics from going over the top. This could definitely be an Emmy tape for Pompeo (let alone Burton). Only makes you wish Ellis could be around more often as her tempestuous self. Maybe they'll give Meredith some flashbacks later on or something to bring her back. The only misstep was the reveal that Ellis has shifted back into Alzheimer's after Meredith's impassioned speech. That was pretty obvious and a little lame, but the actors made it work.

Okay, so no ferryboats this week, but NEXT WEEK begins the big arc, I think. Right? Yes. See you then.

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Todd VanDerWerff said...

I'm amused by ABC trying to keep WHAT HAPPENS NEXT WEEK under wraps, when it's been all over for about two months now.

Also, this was the first Grey's I've enjoyed wholeheartedly since mid-season two.