Monday, February 12, 2007

Some catch-up

I never recapped the Thursday sweeps maelstrom for various reasons (basically, I was monstrously busy), but I'll do a really quick survey now. I liked Grey's Anatomy okay, but I've been watching ER for 13 years and I know how a disaster episode is done. Which is why last year, the Superbowl bomb episode struck me so well, because it was fresh and character-driven and really seemed to plant a flag for Grey's own take on the medical drama. "Walk on Water" was less stunning, preferring to try and bowl us over with a sense of CHAOS (the ferryboat disaster idea is good, but they could have made it even crazier) which didn't really take. Also, the cliffhanger was kinda lame, and the individual stories (Izzie with the guy under the car, Alex with the girl under the pylon) had some nice acting but weren't nearly epic enough to really sell it as a pivotal episode to me. I'm being overly harsh, cause I did enjoy the whole thing nonetheless and I bet the second part will be more action-packed. Plus, Richard dyeing his hair was funny. Also, they foreshadowed that Addison would be made Chief (if that's still happening), which I think is a sterling idea, although I'm still pushing for Sloane personally.

Ugly Betty was very nice and took this new crazy arc in exactly the direction I wanted it to. All this looming dread about Wilhelmina taking over the magazine always reeked of 'never-gonna-happen', but the whole transition from Alexis hatin' on her brother to compromising with him was smooth, and Betty's involvement at the bumper cars was sweet. Alexis could be a really galvanizing character if they keep playing this right. I just want them to relax on the mysteries and step up the workplace comedy. I bet Amanda becomes Alexis' new assistant. Or, even better, the Ugly Amanda that Becki Newton played the other week!

Brothers and Sisters had a really nice Valentine's Day episode yesterday, about the fourth in a row from this show that I've heartily enjoyed. I never would have predicted that this would become my guilty pleasure of the year, but damn if it hasn't! Even the male characters are getting some depth, although Ron Rifkin still seems a little lost in most of his scenes. Also, the Emily VanCamp news (she's joining the show as a regular, as Holly's secret daughter Rebecca) is just golden. I can't wait to see her work on the show. Rob Lowe, another late addition, is also doing a really great job. What's wonderful is that the show has realized not to take itself so seriously anymore, and that means the family antics, while often implausible, always work.

I'll link to Todd's House Next Door BSG recap here, although I assume he will post a bitesize bit of it later in full. Myself, I thought it was a weak episode, symptomatic of how all over the place the bottle eps have been this season. I'm not a huge fan of Helo, though (he's never really been much to me outside of a stoic moral champion, which doesn't really fascinate me), but if you're giving the guy a standalone episode, you could make the material a little less obvious!

Finally, if anyone's still watching The O.C., it was basically another stall episode with a great conclusion. Well, my head was in my hands, anyway. I would say I'm going to miss it, but I don't think I am--it actually seems like it's going out at exactly the right time.

Tomorrow, I'll bring you Heroes, 24 and How I Met Your Mother, with perhaps a hint of Studio 60 bashing if I can find the time. Peace!

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