Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"Thanks for the help, Sulu" - Heroes

Considering this show's title, this has to be about the least exciting episode with an exclamation mark in it EVER. "Run!"--where to exactly? Mostly it seemed like a couple of yawnsome caper plots stapled to Claire's non-confrontation of daddy Nathan.

That non-confrontation was pretty good, too. I wasn't really in the market for a big screamy showdown (although one is clearly brewing between Claire and her adopted father), or for Nathan to up and whisk Claire away (although she does need to book out of Texas soon). So, I think they played the whole thing rather nicely. Pasdar and Panettiere are two of the show's more talented performers, so playing their scenes for quiet emotion rather than for melodrama was a fine move. Nonetheless, as I said, I think Claire is in dire need of a change of scenery. Unlike other fairly immobile characters (like Matt, Simone, Isaac), Claire has never felt like a deadweight on the show, mostly because HRG has always been floating around her. Still I'll be happy if we never see Zach again, so it's time for Claire to move on out of Odessa and get more involved in the central (read: New York) storylines.

Of course, I'd like to see basically everyone getting involved in the central storylines instead of these bizarre satellite adventures. I am especially bored of Vegas as a setting, and it was sad to see Hiro languish there in one of his silliest episodes yet. I get that Linderman is connected, and he's sort of the DHARMA Initiative of this show, but yawn! The problem is, of course, that Hiro has been depowered. Which wasn't actually a terrible idea, because his powers are so big that they can be almost too convenient to write for, but the depowering shouldn't have lasted more than a couple episodes. Personally, I'm worried for recurring characters I like during sweeps, and if Ando meets his maker because Missi Pyle managed to punch Hiro in the face, I won't be happy.

Matt vs. Jessica was a neater idea, in that it involved Matt a little bit (he even used his powers pretty well!) and it was action-packed enough to not be totally boring, but it was still two of my least favorite characters on the show dominating much of the plot, and with little actual relevance to the overall story arc. I really want to like Matt--I like Greg Grunberg a lot, and his power isn't too lame--but he's been so hampered this whole season, and it's been truly frustrating to behold. Ali Larter has vaguely improved from the ultimate depth of lameness to sort of passable, but I'm not into Jessica the assassin. In fact, considering the off-screen carnage we've seen her wreak, I have trouble believing something like Matt handcuffing her and getting away with it. Exactly how superhuman is she supposed to be? Still, I guess she got on my nerves a little less this week, so I can handle it if they start to move merging Niki/Jessica together sometime soon.

Finally, there was Ethan Cohn (who was Glen on Gilmore Girls, woo!) as dork Magneto and Sylar practicing more surgery on him, although really we've still not seen him use any powers aside from telekinesis to date. Mastering magnetism would be very useful, but the man seems less interested in the powers themselves and more in the chase, in eating up all the heroes out there. Does he have any kind of destroy-the-world pretensions? I have a feeling he may not be the ultimate villain, or may be only one of them, as Radiation Man is clearly going to play a key role. I guess we're supposed to feel suspense about Mohinder's fate at his hands, but really, who's gonna cry if he gets brain-whacked, which he won't? Maybe Mohinder will display off a really crazy power in defending himself against Sylar and make himself interesting, but I'm guessing...no.

All in all, meh, but I didn't fall asleep watching it, as my friend apparently did with yesterday's 24 double-bill. Which I haven't seen yet. So, go Heroes! I guess?

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