Friday, February 02, 2007

“Welcome to the love fest!” – Smallville

An offbeat and very un-Smallville-like episode this week; and I mean that in a good way. Red kryptonite was used (quite cleverly) as a plot device to either advance or doom the show’s central relationships. By the end of the episode, the notion of Lois and Clark was definitively introduced, Lana and Clark had shared a kiss, and (most unfortunately) Jimmy broke up with Chloe over her obvious devotion to Clark. ‘Crimson’ was a bit all over the place, true, but it was a very enjoyable episode because it suggested some satisfying (if not exactly deft) plot machinations to come.

I’ve pretty much come to accept that Smallville refuses to just have its characters just say what they feel, instead bringing about some honesty through yet another ‘mystical happening’. This was at least one of the better examples of that device, since infected Clark is a welcome relief from usual colorless Clark. The whole thing was also quite amusing – who knew Tom Welling had a knack for comic timing? And it led to an inspired scene where Clark crashes Lex and Lana’s engagement party and taunts everyone there with undeniable truths. The way he mocked Chloe’s “years of unrequited pining” was harsh, yes, but also right on the money.

Then again, I mostly liked this episode because it set up the possibility of some great stuff to come; so maybe I shouldn’t get too enthusiastic, as Smallville isn’t exactly known for going in the right direction with its arcs. Maybe Clark and Chloe will get together (yes, that's what I'm hoping for). But maybe they’re just gonna stick him and Lana back together, a horrid mistake since the two have no chemistry to speak of and just moan a lot whenever they’re together (they're kind of like Ryan and Marissa in The O.C.). The ending also suggested that Lana was going to find about Clarks’ powers, and hinted that her baby was…well I’m not sure what, but the creepy doctor said that it was “not the most typical pregnancy…but everything’s on schedule.” Eh? Nonsensical it may sound but it's intriguing nontheless, so I’m holding out hope that Smallville might be enjoying an upswing of sorts.

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