Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"Have you ever appeared in any pornos?": House

This week on House, there were two casual sexual relationships among the six regulars (one dormant, one extremely active), there were crazy dream sequences, and there was even a tiny little political theme (Gulf War Syndrome!). But there was also MARC BLUCAS. Now, I'm no big fan of Marc Blucas (for those of you who don't remember the name by sight, shame on you! He was Buffy's bland love interest Riley Finn from seasons 4-5) but his appearance got me thinking about actors I dislike on shows I love. Like Jared Padalecki on Gilmore Girls, or Teddy Dunn on Veronica Mars or the aforementioned Mr. Blucas. I often find while I actively want such actors to get off of my favorite shows, I feel general warmth and support to them in all their other actorly pursuits. And tonight was no different--not that Blucas was particularly great in his role (as usual for the poor patients of this show, he was just made to act out various major maladies as his health rapidly deteriorated), I just wanted him to succeed. And he did fine. So I will issue him an unnecessary rave review, from the goodness of my heart: MARC BLUCAS FOR THE EMMY!

Let's move on from Marc Blucas, shall we? Geez, why are you crazy readers so obsessed with MARC BLUCAS!? Anyway, the case of the supposed Gulf War Syndrome vet was either a little complicated or just didn't capture my attention well enough, because I can barely think of what happened to summarize. Well, basically, he didn't have Gulf War Syndrome. He had some other wacky hereditary syndrome that accounted for all the strange unconnected symptoms he was showing off. Funny how many of those go around, isn't it? Really, the soldier story wasn't explored at all (when I said there was a tiny political theme earlier, I lied)--instead, to grab our interest about this patient, the cold open was House's realistic war dream involving getting his leg blown off and a lot of POV shots of Marc Blucas. Symbolic! And a little creepy! House not being one for such supernatural nonsense, took the case only to figure out who the soldier was and where he had seen him before. Now, you don't need to point out to me that a recurring theme on this show is House's supposed lack of interest in the patient's maladies, but in this episode I think he REALLY couldn't care less--all he wanted to know was where he knew the guy from. Which was kinda funny. If mean to poor old Marc Blucas.

Now, we didn't find out his connection to House until right at the very end (surprisingly enough - that's sarcasm, by the way) when good ol' Greggy realized he had seen the Blucster sucking face with Cuddy at a party a couple years ago. Given that this episode had not been heavy on the House/Cuddy flirting, it was a fun little curveball that shed more light on their sexual history (it appears they've done the deed at least once) and their current status (Cuddy told House to get over her, although in a jocular way, and as he floundered for a comeback, for once it seemed she really was the boss of him). Here's hoping for more on that in the coming weeks (for those of you who don't know, House is repeat-free until its finale). House has always had far more crackling chemistry with Cuddy than Cameron, who was letting her hair down with Chase on numerous occasions throughout the hospital this week. I like Cameron more than some (although a poll on says 60% of viewers want her and House to get together, I'm usually picking up on negative opinions about her) but she seems more suited to this fun new tryst she's gotten herself into. Maybe because Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer are involved in real life.

Of course, plenty of fans would argue House and Wilson should get together, which is Slash-Fiction bleating I tend to ignore, but they had some great banter at the urinals in this episode, which I'm sure set off the imaginations of many a net-boff. I rather enjoyed the other subplot in this episode, House's distended bladder due to his overuse of Vicodin. Didn't bring anything new to the character, was just a funny and nicely yucky problem for him to be struggling with. Especially the wonderfully gross dream image of urine flooding out of the cath-bag in his pant leg late in the episode. Just the right kind of nasty!

I'm picking this show up again after abandoning for the past couple eps (for reasons so complicated it would blow your mind just to read them - aka I'm very lazy), so here's hoping some people are reading this. God knows enough of you are watching it!

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