Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords

So, MZS linked to our Buffy post and it somehow landed on LiveJournal, and the next thing you know, we're awash in thousands of new visitors.

To all of you, welcome! Read the mission statement over to the side there to know what we're all about. And check out some of our stuff.

Here are a few posts, chosen at random, that come highly recommended:

--David and I take on the best in television 2006.

--The latest volume of our popular snarkfest Trailer Curmudgeons, by Libby and myself.

--Daniel defends a Bloc Party album.

--Some thoughts on serial narratives (derived from comic books!) and stakes by me.

--Episode reviews are our bread and butter, so here's Joey on Prison Break, Libby on American Idol, me on Lost and David on Heroes.

--Sometimes, we talk about film in hyper-personal ways! Here's me eulogizing Robert Altman. And reviewing Children of Men by talking about video games! And an Oscar roundtable. And film writer Tram takes on Borat.

--Last summer, Daniel interviewed singer-songwriter Casey Dienel.

--And I wrote at length on Northern Exposure and The Simpsons.

--We used to do longer reviews of TV seasons proper. Here I am on The Sopranos, seasons one, two and three, four, five and six part one.

--And just because it seems to be oddly popular with Googlers, thoughts on Homicide's Three Men and Adena.

So come on in! Kick the tires and sit back on the couch! All you need to know is that we love Jayma Mays and Emily VanCamp (oh, and Tram loves Bai Ling, but don't tell anyone else that). Don't insult them, and we'll all be cool.


David Sims said...

We should start reviewing whole seasons again.

Todd VanDerWerff said...

Y'know, I kind of tried to do that with The Class, and it didn't feel half bad.

I'm unsure of what new would be said about a show we've already reviewed half the episodes of (and, honestly, it makes May TOUGH), but I'm willing to try again.

David Sims said...

Maybe older shows too though. Or older seasons of current shows. I'll get back to you.