Thursday, March 08, 2007

"I just wish you could sing better": American Idol

by Libby

This American Idol wrap-up is brought to you under protest.

Tonight was the slightly more bearable night of contestants. *shudders* A sad statement, no matter how you look at it.

Jordin Sparks continues to charm as "Pretty Betty" and was spunky and likable as ever, performing Pat Benatar's "Heartbreaker." Girl showed she had some funk in her, but is just never as good as the top tier of talent in this game. Sparks is a personal favorite of mine, but I just don't know if she has what it takes to be more than an amazingly talented 17 year old.

Sabrina Sloan showed off her big voice with "Don't Let Go" but as she continues to belt out solid songs week after week, she seems unable to go the extra mile and connect with anyone on a personal level. Sloan comes off as calculating and cold, not ideal characteristics for an AI champion.

Poor Antonella Barba is just out of her league at this point in the game. Her thin voice just can't hack this level of competition and even turning in her best performance of the last few weeks only goes to prove how out of her element she is. Barba's flaws have been exposed in every possible fashion it seems, and it's time to close this chapter in Idol history.

When Haley Scarnato was introduced tonight, I had a really hard time picturing her/trying to figure out which one she was. This is not a good thing. Eventually, I recognized her as the frenetic, manic performer from last week, only for that image to be shattered by a horrible, theatre-kid, song-styling of a terrible song I hope to never hear again. Scarnato has a great career performing as a Disneyland princess ahead of her, God bless her...

Stephanie Edwards is the new Idol contestant that I just don't get all the fuss over. She still just strikes me as a second rate everything and doesn't bring anything new to the table for me. Singing a Chaka Khan song I've never heard of, I just don't have anything to say about her. That doesn't strike me as a positive development ... yet the judges love her. Go figure.

LaKisha Jones has a great voice and gives a stellar performance of this song, that only had me wondering about 50% of the time about whatever happened to Whitney Houston, and man, didn't SHE have a great voice. Eh. You can't win them all. Jones, as the judges mentioned, has nothing to worry about, though one of these weeks, we'll be in for a surprise ending, and someone completely undeserving will go home, a la Jennifer Hudson. I'd be wary if I were Jones.

For the first time this season, Gina Glocksen distinguished herself from the rest of the group. Glocksen was out of her comfort zone before, and I respect what she was attempting to do, but before you show your range (or lack there of) you need to shore up your base ... and by revealing her rocker girl roots, she showed something that Idol is always sorely in need of: personality.

Do I even have to talk about Melinda Doolittle? Damn. I wish Doolittle would drop out of the competition. Jones can win, and that's fine, but I want Doolittle to go to the studio RIGHT NOW and start recording a record so I can go buy it. Forget the Idol crown ... who needs it? Let's get this girl a contract and get down to business. Man ...

Which brings us to ...

Blecch: Antonella Barba and Haley Scarnato
Bye-bye: Barba and Scarnato

That's it.

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