Monday, March 19, 2007

"I'll tell you right now, my dad is not gonna pay for that wedding!": How I Met Your Mother

by Libby

(Editor's note: I've been busy with company and woefully remiss in getting new material up. As I only got to 24 tonight, big thanks to Idol recapper Libby for giving us her thoughts on How I Met Your Mother. Expect more stuff starting Wednesday, including the Super TV Preview and some requests for new contributors -- not that I don't like the ones I already have. And until CBS starts updating the HIMYM site more regularly, looks like you just get terribly general screencaps from TV)

Tonight was a big night on How I Met Your Mother, as it was finally time for Robin and Ted to take the plunge and move in together. Needless to say, this event was anticipated by Marshall and Lily, who were anxious to finally live on their own, and loathed by Barney, who feared that a new address would only further Ted's emasculation.

This episode showcased some great parallels with Ted and Robin realizing the hardships of cohabitation as Lily and Marshall realized that living alone wasn't all it was cracked up to be. While Barney's hijacking of the moving van wasn't exactly surprising, it still served as an effective and amusing catalyst for the episode. That said, however, the show is never more disturbing than when BARNEY is the insightful one.

As an avid fan of the show, I still have difficulty reconciling myself to the fact that the show centers on the Ted/Robin relationship, despite the knowledge that she is not, in fact, "the mother." My frustration is furthered by the fact that the show was never so weak as when Ted was merely dating around. Robin being his girlfriend strengthens the show immeasurably but leaves plenty of concerns for the future.

While not the best of episodes, "Moving Day" had some great gags in it. Lily and Marshall's "discoveries" in a post-Ted apartment were hilarious, as was the noise Robin made each time Ted did something she didn't agree with. Tonight also featured the return of laser tag AND a Star Wars joke, which gives it extra points all around. That and the closing Top 10 list made it another solid showing for HIMYM's sophomore season.


Todd VanDerWerff said...

Actually, and I know you disagree with me on this, one of the things I've liked about HIMYM from the start is the fact that we KNOW that Ted and Robin don't end up together. I despise forced will-they/won't-they banter, and the fact that Radnor and Smulders know their characters aren't meant to be lets them liven up their chemistry with some darker tones.

Granted, I don't know where the show goes when the two break up and Ted goes back to dating (unless they bring back Jayma Mays as coat check girl or Ashley Williams as Victoria), but I like the show's weird fatalism and the way it actively discourages shippers -- you can try and say, for example, that Ted and Lily end up together, but it doesn't seem likely, thanks simply to the narrator. The Barney/Robin pairing seems to be the only real 'ship on the show.

WhatIGotSoFar said...

I agree with Todd. Knowing full well that Ted & Robin won't last gives the show the ability to do things most sitcoms don't do. I don't want to see another Ross & Rachel.