Friday, March 23, 2007

"I'm an easy mark for evil redheads": Grey's Anatomy

In my opinion, another strong week for Grey's Anatomy, which I think is making a smart switch back to wacky medical cases & relationship stuff after its middling foray into epic sweeps catastrophe. Others seem not to agree, thinking the latest big twist (Gizzie, or Izorge) is a bridge too far. Alan Sepinwall, for one, has basically declared that he's washing his hands of the show. However, although Izzie & George's hookup in itself was a rather lame resort at sparking drama by the writers, the aftermath was handled very well in this episode, "My Favorite Mistake".

Basically, the aftermath was that Izzie was stunned to find how much she had enjoyed sleeping with George, but the ridiculously hungover O'Malley couldn't remember a darn thing. Props to the makeup people for just how extremely wasted George looked, btw. Anyway, I was afraid there would be lame farcical antics as George tried desperately to cover up his infidelity, but having him emerge from the bourbon cloud only halfway through (while meeting his new father-in-law, no less) and share only a couple meaningful scenes with Izzie, both of them strictly downbeat, had me pretty sold on the plot twist as a whole. Specifically, the linen closet scene (his confrontation with the truth) was quite well done, especially considering the lack of dialogue--Grey's Anatomy above all other shows can be guilty of verbal diarrhea. While George is very honorable and Izzie loves to suffer and pine over unavailable men, I can't see this plot going away ANYTIME soon. Izzie's little speech about it being meant to be or whatever indicates to me that eventually, it'll come out. And it'll probably be all dramatic and annoying. But right now, just this episode, the whole thing was pretty good.

What else happened this week? Derek and Meredith continued to mope silently--I dread to think what catastrophes await them, but pray that they somehow just stick together for the rest of the show and are never annoying or break up ever again. I know that's futile, but whatever. Not unusually, theirs was one of the weakest plot strands, so much so that I will not summarize their vague turmoils. Much better was the showdown for who gets to be chief. Why was it better? Because I TOTALLY CALLED IT! While the British ringer (Roger Rees) had all the other attendings in a tizzy with his ten-year-plan for the hospital, Sloan took Bailey's sage/wiseass advice to have a plan for NOW and swept the board off of its feet. Or something. The important thing is, the writers are totally taking my advice and making Sloan the new Chief of Surgery. Now, I know they probably won't write Webber out of the show, and Sloan probably WON'T become Chief, but still, I. TOTALLY. CALLED. IT. Go Mark.

The patients were all fine, although I thought they made way too much effort to laboriously link them with their respective doctors. I mean, Grey's Anatomy has never been a subtle show, but it seemed really hamfisted this week. Worst of all was Cristina was trying to save a patient's foot and her relationship with Burke at the same time, because it was all better in the past...or something. Pretty tenuous stuff, not helped by repeated moments of Cristina saying "I gotta save this guy's foot!" and "I gotta get back in a good place with Burke!" together a lot. As usual, all these patient plots were saved by the fact that Grey's always has top-notch guest stars, usually harvested from other great TV shows, dead or alive. This week, for example, had Elizabeth Moss and the aforementioned Rees (The West Wing), Catherine Dent (The Shield), Michael Boatman (Spin City) and, best of all, Hector Elizondo as Callie's gravel-voiced dad (Elizondo's gravel voice couldn't quite match Edward James Olmos, but it was good enough to convince me that he needs a new show).

Also as usual, possibly the best stuff in this episode, like almost every episode as of late, came from Alex. While the Jane Doe case is a little hackneyed, they're underselling it by burying it as a B-plot in every episode, it means I'm always looking forward to any of his scenes. Justin Chambers, people! Anyway, this is the last new episode until like, late April, so enjoy repeats and October Road until then. I'll be back with a late Bones recap and a review of the retooled, possibly improved (although probably not) Six Degrees.

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