Tuesday, March 06, 2007

No! Big TV!

Big TV chose this weekend to stop working. Apparently, the bulb is burned out. Now, fixing this is apparently not that hard (the Internet solves all), but buying a new bulb is expensive, and it has to be shipped to us.

Thankfully, it's March, so there's not a lot on the air for me to be missing. But your 24 recap won't be up until tomorrow, sadly. David will be back with a Heroes review, plus MAYBE thoughts on Black Donnellys and Brothers & Sisters (we never promise anything), and I've got thoughts percolating about The Class (ending its first season Monday night) and Zodiac. Plus, Joey will be adding his thoughts on that mad, mad, mad, mad Prison Break. So there will be content and stuff to read, even if big TV wages war against us. Expect the normal schedule if it kills us (except, as noted, for 24).

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David Sims said...

I've got B&S and Heroes coming up today. Black Donnellys...if I can get to it.