Wednesday, March 07, 2007

"Now you can't have any of my pot pie": Heroes

Now, Heroes was gonna have a lot of trouble topping last week, but this episode (which is the last original ep we're gonna have for a while) took things in a nice action-packed direction that left every character on a reasonable cliffhanger. I figure these last few episodes (this was number 18, so there's only four or five left after this) will be nice and action-packed, so this was a nice primer for that. There was so much going on here, I'll try and handle each character's arc one at a time.

Let's start with HRG, who isn't quite as tragically memory-lost as we might have guessed by the end of "Company Man", but certainly in a much more compromised position than usual. We also got the introduction of a new character, a typically sassy girl shapeshifter. On the power front, I've already read complaints that they didn't use the typical 'morphing' technique (which Mystique from X-Men totally has the monopoly on), instead shaking the room about a bit and going FLASH, probably to save a little money, but I thought it was kinda cool. Shapeshifting is definitely one of the most classic superpowers that they hadn't used yet, so I wasn't surprised to see it here. Hope they don't get rid of her too quickly, cause I'm not sure what their policy on re-using powers is yet.

Moving on to Mohinder, at least he proved he isn't THE STUPIDEST PERSON IN THE WORLD by finally cottoning on to the fact that Sylar had been hanging with him the last few days. When he figured it out was unclear (maybe he was embarrassed it took him so long to figure out) but hey, good on him, right? Well, maybe not, considering Sylar had him pinned up against a wall by the episode's end. To be honest, I'm very tired of Sylar's whole shtick, so I hope the rumors of him returning next season are either untrue, or involve him returning in a vastly different capacity. He's really somewhat too powerful unless he's up against Peter, so they don't have him use his powers but rather lurk around and make angry faces. On the other hand, he's clearly gonna face off with Peter next time (he's already taken first blood--remember future Hiro saying he didn't recognize Peter without his scar?), so here's hoping that's pretty cool. Todd thought the cliffhanger was a little lame, cause they're clearly NOT going to kill Peter (again, future-Hiro), but I think Peter's bangs are a big enough casualty for me.

What else we got? Malcolm McDowell, who has become somewhat of a journeyman TV guest star (recently he's been in Monk, Law & Order CI, and of course Entourage), showed up as the mysterious Linderman and lent such a shadowy, dark figure the earthy Yorkshire charm we expect from Alex DeLarge. The whole Nathan, Jessica/Niki thing was a bit rushed and vague for me, but I liked the showdown with Linderman. Revealing the Alvar Hanso-esque character within a season was the right thing to do, because with conspiracy stuff on TV these days, less is definitely more. Then again, maybe I should stop comparing Heroes to Lost, as Tim Kring seems to see it more like 24, with each season having its own self-contained arcs. Claire was acting the fool with the Haitian, but it led to her getting to New York (exactly what I've been hoping for) and featured the major revelation that Peter & Nathan's mother is perfectly aware of their powers (and that Claire is her granddaughter) and has some stake in the overarching plot. Which is cool. Her speaking French to the Haitian was an especially nice touch.

Finally, Hiro FINALLY got the sword and his powers back (I was almost prepared for another stall tactic, I had grown so frustrated by his storylines) as well as dearly departed Ando, who turned out to be gone for like, one episode. His return was ludicrous (if you think about the plausibility of him somehow getting a security guard's job/uniform, you'll start laughing) but hey, the more Japanese banter, the better. Their trip to the future could go either way (apparently it's going to be quite a long one, spanning at least an episode or two--why can't Hiro just travel back?), but as long as there are some answers, I think I'll be happy.

Anyway, no more new episodes until April 23rd, so better start baiting that breath now.


Todd VanDerWerff said...

That Malcolm McDowell brightens all he touches!

I know the breakneck pace of this show is what makes it so "awesome," but I really wish they would try to alternate the plot-heavy episodes with character-heavy ones more often.

Then, of course, no one would like them but me.

And, also, any way you slice it, that cliffhanger was lame. At least Hiro will have stuff to do now, even if his cliffhanger has been spoiled since 2006.

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