Thursday, March 15, 2007

"Pardon me for not knowing that they had a sonic weapon fence": Lost

Well, hey! That's the third Lost in a row I've quite enjoyed. Maybe the expectations are lowered or maybe the show's just figured out how to balance all of its crazy plotlines or maybe it was the sonic weapon fence, but Par Avion was a good "breather" episode, even if it ended on a pretty standard Lost cliffhanger. Plus, it had plenty of what Lost fans adore -- weird stuff and deadbeat dads.

Now, it comes as no surprise to fans of the show that Jack's dad is also Claire's dad -- they've had their suspicions since Two for the Road last year, when Jack's dad had to go to Australia to visit his daughter there (was this ever confirmed? I haven't seen the episode in a while). But it was still a fun twist to finally see realized -- perhaps the ultimate of the "this person is in someone else's backstory!" twists that the show followed down a rabbit hole in season two. The odds are pretty against Claire and Jack being half-brother and sister and being on the same plane (without having met!), but I'll go with it, if only to finally give Jack someone to genuinely care about, as opposed to Matthew Fox having to feign deep caring for, say, Sayid.

Meanwhile, Sayid, Kate, Rousseau, Locke and Ukrainian guy continued their trek to Others village, stopped only by the aforementioned sonic weapon fence. The appearance was kind of lame (it looked like something you'd have to get past in Myst), but once Ukranian guy was pushed into its length and blood dribbled from his ears, the threat was established. Bully on the Losties for not giving up as well and constructing some sort of tree bridge to get in. The episode also made Locke less of a bumbling idiot for blowing up the hatch last week -- it looks like he wanted to blow it up. He's still an idiot, but now he's a potentially EVIL idiot. Good times!

Then there was Claire and her bird. The Claire episode wasn't really ABOUT her, but more about how Charlie relates to her (the character, once useless, has finally become interesting now that he's marked for death) and how Desmond relates to Charlie (his wacky machinations to chase away the birds notwithstanding -- why wouldn't he have just been upfront with Claire?). Still, Emilie de Raven, an actress I haven't always been convinced by on this show, did a good job with her flashback, even if it was the latest in the long line of flashbacks that don't really add anything to the story (though this time, at least, we found out Claire's parentage and saw that her mother is in the hospital). It all climaxed with a nice montage, set to Charlie reading Claire's note she had attached to the bird (in an attempt to get help) and Giacchino's strings. Lost seems to end every other episode with one of these montages, but when you've got Giacchino working for you, why not?

I'm not going to start going all immediately post-season one Todd on you and start saying that Lost is the best show on TV, but I think it's finding its strengths again -- it's a fine, fine action-adventure show, especially when all of the island plots are as well thought out as they were tonight (season two Lost would have seen the sonic weapon fence stop the trekkers). These recent episodes have felt like the new writers on the staff (folks like Drew Goddard and Brian Vaughan) have had input on the story -- Goddard, a story whiz, in particular.

And then, finally, Jack played football. It was sort of a goofy way to end the episode, but, of course, it can be read a myriad of ways. Has he been turned or brainwashed? Is he an Other now? And, honestly, has it been that long since we've seen him and the Others? It has, hasn't it?

All in all, a good time and a reminder that Lost is at its best when it aims for something that might have appeared on a Boys Life cover in the 1940s.


Daniel said...

The reading of the letter was really emotional. EVEN FOR ME. I actually think you are seling this episode just a wee bit short. I think it was absolutely fantastic.

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