Monday, March 19, 2007

Yours, Truly: LCD Soundsystem "Sound of Silver"

James Murphy is not shockingly original or originally shocking and it really doesn't matter anymore. LCD Soundsystem's second album, Sound of Silver is probably about as solid of an album as he's ever going to release and that is in direct correlation to its lack of originality. There is no bullshit or ill-fated attempts at bedazzlement here. When he tries his hand at Funk by way of Bowie or synth-laden musings disguised as grooving club anthems, he aims to do just that...and he is always successful.

When I was first introduced to LCD Soundsystem there was a significant amount of hype surrounding them. Not to mention their utter over-exposure due to all of the single releases pre-album release. I could say that it simply had too much to live up to, but I genuinely think that it was more than that. Murphy's debut lacked a certain awe factor that the production promised but the substance failed to deliver on. Everything seemed to be half there despite the methodical nature of its composition. On Sound of Silver there is a bit of that cocksure swagger, but a slightly subdued presentation that supplies us a portal in which we are able to get uncommonly lost in.

Most of the tracks are pitch-perfect club numbers with snarky lines and catchy choruses, but beyond that there are some massively effective moments here that both get the point across and show a more "introspective" side to Murphy--which would expectedly be a horrible idea if he had lost any of his asshole charm in the process...but he doesn't. I like that there is no mystery to Sound of Silver. It aspires to a certain sound, a certain aesthetic, and it delivers. This is a solid, solid work whose fluidity is matched only by its eagerness to enjoy.

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