Sunday, April 08, 2007

"Hm, couldn't have all been roses and artichokes.": Brothers and Sisters

Well, I guess this is why I'm never in a huge hurry to watch this show.

Tonight's episode of Brothers and Sisters was fairly lackluster, with entertaining moments interspersed. Let's start with the bad:

1. Though everyone else involved at this site worships at the altar of Emily VanCamp, I've never completely understand the appeal. (Urge to kill rising. . .--ed.) On tonight's episode, VanCamp's character made some inexplicable decisions, including forcing one of her new brothers to drive them to a party of a mutual friend, despite his RECOVERING ADDICT status, which she waves off because everyone's an addict or some such silliness. *blinks* Okay. I mean, I remember the self-involved nature of one's early 20's, but really, Greg Berlanti? REALLY? (But she also spent much of the hour texting people. Oh those kids! When will they learn? -- ed.)

2. Throughout the episode, Kitty (Calista Flockhart) is forced to interview people from Senator McBotox's (Rob Lowe) hometown of Castroville (or something). Throughout this process, Kitty learns that the Senator is the real live second-coming of Christ. Okay, not really, but she does learn a whole bunch of information that leads everyone to believe that he is the greatest individual on the face of the Earth. Lame.

3. Could there BE any more love interests on this show? Since the show began, Kitty's had three, Justin's had two, Nora's had two (OTHER than her dead husband), Kevin's had two, and even married Sarah and Joe each had their temptations. I get that it's soap-y fun, but sheesh ...

4. I'm so hating the Nora/writing sub-plot. I get that she needs something more in her life, but honestly, even an art class would have been better. And though I like Peter Coyote as the professor, the relationship they may or may not be about to embark on strikes me as odd. Hopefully, "Heartland" will fail, and the Treat can come back to the Berlanti fold.

So, the good:

1. This episode heralded the (hopefully) end of the Kevin and Chad (the frighfully untalented and not at all attractive Jason Lewis) relationship. Was anyone seriously enjoying this plotline? And how is it at all believable that Kevin would want to continue this relationship? I mean, he wasn't into Chad enough to be his support system in coming out, so why continue a dead end suckfest? Yeah, I didn't have a good answer either. So now, hopefully, Kevin can continue his quest for love with someone a little less creepy and devoid of talent.

2. Sally Field does wacky things. It amuses me almost as much as Margot Kidder creeps me out.

3. I love the show most when it features the full family interacting, but second to that, I love the interaction between Calista Flockhart and Rachel Griffiths. The two's interaction is easy even when their relationship is complicated. Ugh, I can't believe I just typed that.

All things said, it was a fine (as in, okay) episode. I am, however, extremely pleased that this show got picked up for next season, as when it's "on" it's definitely in my top 10.

In conclusion, how have I missed the Robert McCallister link all this time!? Gah, I loved Jack and Bobby! Hmm ... they should get Kate Mara on this show. (That's it! I'm adding a new tag! -- ed.)

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