Monday, April 16, 2007

"I am an American of Chinese descent": Entourage

It's gonna be a little tough to write about this episode, because this was one of those Entourage episodes where like, NOTHING happens. Seriously, the show can be worse than Gilmore Girls when it comes to that.

OK, I'm not quite being fair, because even though Ari/Lloyd's storyline was meaningless in terms of the season's overall arcs, it was sweet, and memorable. I guess the writers are just stalling Vince/Ari's eventual reunion by a couple eps (I'm thinking Vince sleeps with Carla Gugino, because honestly, who wouldn't) just so it doesn't seem like they weren't broken up JUST for a cliffhanger. So we got Ari, training faithful Lloyd in agenting, trying to nail down a big, fat, gay, too-rich-for-his-own-good writer to a contract. Honestly, I barely remembered that Vince and Ari were broken up, because Piven and Rex Lee have such fun chemistry together. Every time Lloyd wearily brushes off one of Ari's loving racial never gets old! The climax here, where the writer demanded Lloyd's presence at a club to sign his contract, had Ari dashing in to save his tipsy assistant from a fate worse than death, proclaiming "We may be whores at my agency, but we ain't pimps". Not sure how true that sentiment rings, but the sentiment between Ari and Lloyd was adorable. Who needs Vince!

OK, I'm being a little mean. I actually like Vince, even if his super-laid-back deal is beginning to grate (he used to be easygoing, but now he's just coming across as lazy!). But he just didn't have anything to do this week. For one, ignoring his agent because of a vague hope that Ari might land him the Escobar movie is immature even for him. I mean, it deprives the audience of Carla Gugino (seriously. give her a spinoff), AND it means we have to snore through Eric agonizing over how to tell Vince not to go on a couples weekend with him and Sloane. I mean...what!? I know Vince is dependent, but surely he's not so weird that he can't tolerate Eric being in Napa with his girlfriend for a few days. Wasn't Eric running a pizza joint in New York while Vince was getting famous in LA anyway? Didn't make much sense to me. I actually happen to like Sloane--she's not particularly exciting, but she's a nice normal character in a nice normal relationship, and it's not like all four characters need to be total players. I think she might be on her way out, though, which is too bad.

The other plot had Drama and Turtle trying to hook up with girls by going to a dog park. Now, that's a recycled plot (I swear I've seen it on a sitcom before), but that's all I really expect from Drama and Turtle, so it was fine I guess. Busy Phillips, aka Kim Kelly from Freaks & Geeks (among other things--she's also been doing a good job on ER this year) was one of the dog-toting girls, but didn't get enough to do. Boo!

Anyway, this was a real wheel-spinner, even by Entourage's standards. Next week sounds a bit more exciting, so here's looking forward. BTW, it's good to be back! I know everyone missed me, instead of totally not even noticing I was gone.

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Libby said...

You were super missed! It's just sad when it's Todd and I commenting on each other's posts!
Seriously though, you review some tough shows, and it was hard to fill your shoes ...
About Drive, however ... I'm just not on board with this one. The acting seems very strange and even Tim Minear can't salvage this.