Monday, April 23, 2007

"I'd buy diseased fish from her": Entourage

Another step towards the inevitable Vince-Ari reunion came today when, as I predicted, the sexual tension between Vince and his new agent reached breaking point and they decided to bite the bullet and well, do it. But that's next episode, because before that we had 20 minutes of not very much, even less than last week! By the way, sorry if I just spoiled what happens in the episode for ya. Todd should really figure out the whole "hiding posts" thing.

Anyway, I watched the episode like half an hour ago, and I'm having a little trouble recalling the plot points. The gang discussed how to let Amanda down gently about the Sam Mendes movie (which never really made sense as a project for Vince, so I'm glad they acknowledged that), but it all worked out in the end, at least until Amanda rang up Vince for a superhot booty call. But seriously, I don't even think there was a silly subplot where Turtle and Drama try to obtain sex! Maybe this episode seemed shorter than most because it actually was (usually it's more like 25 minutes, right?), but still, I didn't laugh as much as I usually do, so I was pretty unfulfilled.

Nonetheless, it's not that unusual that the gang's plots are kind of a bust. Usually it doesn't matter, since there's Ari to shore up an episode. This week it was Ari confronting how unusually nice he's been since breaking up with Vince, including his hilarious escapade with Lloyd last week. I'm glad they're nipping this in the bud now, because no fan of the show really wants Ari to be very nice. His niceness level should be about at the level it was in 'Exodus', aka a vague hint of sympathy masked by layers of insults and degradation. Here he was in couples therapy with his wife (who never fails to be awesome) confronting how he couldn't fire a sad-sack loser agent recovering from eye surgery. I enjoyed Ari's little comeback, when he mercilessly fires the loser agent, but it's an arc that only lasted a couple episodes and kinda came out of nowhere.

I really don't have anything else to say here. Carla Gugino is really, really appealing (I DEMAND a spinoff). It'll be sad to see her go, considering she's not impeding Ari's screentime or anything. But go she must, so I hope she makes the most of her next two episodes and gets an Emmy nomination. Also, I hope that the director-playing-himself in charge of Medellín is fun, because you know they're gonna make Medellín. Last time the movie came up, it was Paul Haggis, who was funny but seemed a little too in on the joke. Hopefully it'll be someone different this time (and they'll actually show us some of the movie being shot).

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Libby said...

BOYS! Just because a girl looks good in panties doesn't justify her having her own television show! Haven't we learned anything from ...
Who am I kidding? Hot girls in their underwear rule all.