Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"I'll even make him a fresh sandwich myself": Heroes

Wow. A LOT going on here, which was nice, because the show going fast makes the flaws a lot less bothersome. Today, a friend of mine approached me and said "I didn't like the first 10 episodes of Heroes, but it's really good now!". I don't have any idea how that opinion came about, but I sort of knew what he meant in that you really feel like we're hurtling towards a hellacious season finale. Anyway, let's try to tackle everything that happened, one by one.

Alright, first off, there was Linderman. Internet geeks were obviously instant to point it out, but I'm going to join the chorus nonetheless: WATCHMEN RIPOFF! Yeah, Linderman's plan to unite the crumbling world after the devastating destruction of millions of lives in New York City reeked of Ozymandias in Alan Moore's peerless comic book Watchmen. I'd like to hear Tim Kring (or whoever) acknowledge that, but otherwise I don't mind, because why shouldn't Heroes be drawing on the touchstones of the comics canon? They've got a couple comics writers in their staff, and it's nice to have a comic-booky show on TV that actually FEELS like a comic book (animated shows not included). Now, I'm sure we don't want Linderman's plan to actually work (although it would be quite alarmingly daring for the show to actually blow up New York), but I personally liked the homage and I'm enjoying Malcolm McDowell's work here--he's an almost infallible guest-star presence on any show.

Next off, Peter vs. Sylar! Awesome! Well, it only lasted a few minutes, but it was cool while it lasted. I'm less scared by Sylar every time I see him, but abilities-wise the matchup is still pretty darn cool. Claire saving Peter was nice too--in fact, all of Claire's stuff this week was cool. Nice to see her outside of Texas, and she did a good job with her material (meeting grandma, meeting dad, reviving uncle).

Then, well, we lost another main cast member this week. I know, I know, Heroes is even worse than Lost when it comes to killing off cast members. Lost always goes for the totally obvious, not dramatically interesting, not particularly important or fan-popular characters. With Simone and now Isaac dead, Heroes has been doing just the same. Unlike Simone, though, Isaac didn't go out in such a lame way, at least getting to give a little speech and face Sylar before getting brain-munched. Funny that he actually died just like we saw in the fifth-or-so episode. Seems that Tim Kring's plan to retain Sylar after this season is by giving him Isaac's precognition and also, maybe, a heart. Not that Peter doesn't also have precognition, and like Todd said to me, why can't Sylar just be a good old-fashioned sociopath? Oh well.

Finally, HRG, Matt and Ted escaped from Eric Roberts' slimy clutches and after bitching at each other for a bit, decided to go to New York and SORT SOME STUFF OUT. Or whatever. Basically, they get to go to New York, cause that's where everyone's gotta be for the season finale! I liked HRG thought-communicating with Matt, but why could Matt not talk back to HRG through the mind? Most telepaths can do that (at least in the comix!) and if Matt is going to be useful to this show, he better learn to do it too! Also cool was Ted harnessing his powers to create an EMP and for once not giving anyone cancer. I doubt he'll stick around, but it's nice having someone in the show who is really zappy, y'know?

Only other thing I'll say is that I don't even remember what Mohinder did. Can he be the next to die, plz? Also, speaking of comic-book ripoffs, Hiro and Ando's adventure in the evil future--total ripoff of Days of Future Past! Another classic. Can't wait til next week!

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Todd VanDerWerff said...

Libby watched this with me for the first time.

"Wow," she said. "You really don't have to know anything about the show to jump in, do you?"

"No, you don't."

I laugh out loud at a lot of stuff in the show, but I still love it. And I'm glad that they give HRG more and more to do. He's the show's John Locke.