Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"I'll personally pimpsmack that twinkle right out of their eye" - Drive

Another mildly diverting episode this week with nothing in particular to write home about, so if you’ll permit me, I’m going to bullet-point this mother.

  • --The show’s writers need to dial down the serious, and fast. Katrina recollections don’t jibe with Drive’s tone, and that death scene at the end (beside being incredibly predictable, especially to us TV enthusiasts who noticed straight away that Michael Hyatt wasn’t in the main cast) was so dull it had me reaching for the fast-forward button.
  • --Violet and her father John (Emma Stone and Dylan Baker) are both the show’s best characters and its best partner pair. Never should an episode go by in which they don’t appear. (Oh, and if his guest star status indicates Baker will soon be absent too, his departure had better at least serve a good purpose.)
  • --Mostly the show’s visual effects have been acceptable, but that car crash sequence was unforgivable horrendous. Sort it out.
  • --Amy Acker’s brief appearance was welcome – there should really be a lot more of her. A sub-plot following her sounds a lot more interesting than many of the drivers.
  • --Melanie Lynskey has been great, but teaming her up with the evil blonde (Taryn Manning) has ended up draining the energy out of both characters. Hell, Lynskey was more interesting when she was on her own, and I don't see the point of Manning's character at all.
  • --Teaming up Alex, Corinna, Winston and Sean was a great idea and made for the episode’s most entertaining scenes as well as a suitably mysterious cliff-hanger that’ll keep me coming back next week.
  • --Fillion's still the best thing about this show, but I'm also really warming to his partner Kristin Lehman. She's got charm by the bucketful and watching them bounce off each other never fails to amuse me.

Overall, more bad than good to say about ‘No Turning Back’. It was better than the previous episode, but where's the fun, almost carefree tone that inhabited the opening two-parter? That was what turned me onto the show at first, but now it’s only appearing in very short bursts. It's a shame, because when Drive finds a scenario or even a moment that hits all the right notes, it shows a lot of potential.


Todd VanDerWerff said...

Who is seeing some weird coding in this post? I don't at home, but I do elsewhere. I think it has something to do with Blogger interacting with different machines.

Marilyn said...

yes, the bullets show up as:

LessThan hyphen hyphen bracket if exclamation mark supportLists bracket hyphen hyphen Greaterthan

(trying to be helpful) :o)

Joey said...

Doesn't matter, the show has been canceled anyway. Ausiello just confirmed it. I think it had potential and it's a shame it had to die so quickly (poor Tim Minear!) but honestly I'm not too broken up about it. Hopefully Fillion can find a better outlet for his considerable talents.