Monday, April 30, 2007

"I'm detecting sarcasm": Entourage

Season 3.1 (or whatever you want to call it) of Entourage has been pretty inconsequential so far, but I enjoyed the last three episodes pretty good. This was the first I'd say was actually not good--none of the individual plots really worked for me at all.

The episode was called "Gotcha!", after a Punked-esque hidden camera show fronted by Pauley Shore that punks Johnny Drama for its first episode. Now, for one, hasn't Entourage done the Pauley Shore joke before? And wasn't it not funny then? I guess maybe it's cause I've never found the Pauley Shore revival thing funny, but this seemed like a really lame retread. Also, it raised a question I've often asked myself about Drama - how famous is he, exactly? Usually we're given the impression he's never been more than a minor TV guest actor (apart from his one-season show Viking Quest), but other times it seems he's a known name in Hollywood. Would any show really want to punk him for its first episode, rather than Justin Timberlake, or whoever? I'm probably thinking too deeply about this. Anyway, the whole thing was very predictable (it was totally obvious the crazy UFC guy was in on the joke when he invited Drama into the ring), so, lame.

Then there's Vince and Amanda sealing the deal and being into each other, which is fine, except I really don't see them sticking together so long. Poor Carla. Vince seems to be quite perceptible to falling for girls, actually. The show tells us he loves 'em and leaves 'em like nobody, but as long as he's not dating a vapid model/actress he seems to get quite intense about girls. I can already see him being too into Amanda going wrong, and there was even that girl played by Lindsay Sloane earlier in season 3 who Vince totally went for. Not to mention Mandy Moore. Oh, Mandy! Sadly not enough Amanda this week (and every week, actually). Instead it was Eric instantly guessing that Vince & Amanda did the dirty (good that they couldn't keep it a secret, because that would be very unrealistic even for this show), and then bitching about it. Oh, E. You are like an annoying ginger owl.

Anyway, what about Ari, right?! Well, his plot did somewhat showcase his wife (Libby pointed out that the reason I went ga-ga for Carla Gugino is because she prances around in her underwear. Well, Ari's wife rocks too! See above). Still, it was silly and obvious. Ari's schmuck friend from his fraternity showed up, newly rich and with a gorgeous blonde radiologist on his arm. The gorgeous blonde being Leslie Bibb, of Popular, Talladega Nights and ER fame! Who will always be cast as a gorgeous blonde of one type or another. Anyway, it all led to Ari being catty and jealous of his schlubby friend, and his wife berating him about it. Jeremy Piven and Perrey Reeves have great chemistry and they totally showed it off well here, but still, M-E-H. Get to the good stuff! Next week's ep is called "The Return of the King", so I have a feeling change is afoot. Here's hoping.


Libby said...

I say: More girls in their underwear; more Piven without a shirt!

David Sims said...

Damn if he isn't built! How did he get stuck playing the best friend character for so long?

Libby said...

I know, right?
I can't tell you how much more FIERCELY attracted I am to him than anyone else on this crapfest of a show.