Saturday, April 28, 2007

"I'm missing the show! The Seattle Grace show!": Two weeks of Grey's Anatomy

Have been lazy/swamped (my graduation from college approaches and I just turned 21! Go me!), so I will tackle the last two weeks of Grey's Anatomy here. These being the last two episodes before the big BACKDOOR PILOT next week! Aren't you just hopelessly excited? Anyway, let's go character by character.

Starting with the pairing eeeeveryone's talking about, Gizzie! Izorge! Gzoire! Iezrge! I could literally do that all day. OK, so most people seem to be, well, pissed about the whole hookup thing. And really, people have been mad at Izzie for quite a while now (aka since the last few eps of season two). So, in ep 20 "Time After Time" (which aired last week), Shonda and the writing team pulled out the big Izzie episode. The one they've been keeping in cold storage for whenever it seems the viewing public's bile will rise up and drown Ms. Heigl. That's right, it's Izzie's daughter, given away at birth to save her from a life as trailer trash! But wait, she's sick, and thus at Seattle Grace, in hope of a bone marrow transplant from her real mother! Manipulative as it all was, Heigl did a solid job with what is basically her big Emmy tape this year. Well, more solid than usual. Definitely more solid than the cry/scream freakout at Denny last season. Definitely helped by having Izzie lean on Bailey during her little emotional turmoil. Chandra Wilson is like, the ultimate acting assist on this show. Her presence can totally calm the most unbelievable situations, as well as bolster some of the lesser cast members. Anyway, Izzie's pain ended up reuniting her and George as "friends". Yeah. Which lasted about one episode (really, it did!) cause by the end of ep 21, "Desire" on Thursday, George announced his plan to leave Seattle Grace for the sake of his marriage. Say it ain't so, T.R.! I wouldn't lend much credence to his threat if it weren't for all the controversy, but as it is, I'm vaguely biting my nails.

OK, that was a long paragraph, but this one's gonna be short, cause it's about Meredith and McDreamy. Who have been like, slightly awkward ever since Meredith drowned. And then the Chief said he wouldn't make Shepherd chief because...he doesn't want Shepherd and Meredith to break up. Who knew the Chief was so committed! Anyway, so this has their relationship in a slight tailspin, or something. Honestly, it's very boring. Can we just have them not break up, ever, please? I foresee lots more trouble and turmoil on the horizon for Meredith, and I'd frankly like the writers to just give her a break. Sigh.

Ummm...who else. Alex! Alex has been like, the total saving grace of these recent eps. Him and Elizabeth Reaser. I will admit, I was a bit put off by the Jane Doe storyline at first, seeing as it was kind of like Izzie/Denny but reversed. But once all that mental makeup got taken off, Reaser has been fantastic, so good that I hope she doesn't meet the same fate as Denny, but instead magically is revealed to be a doctor who will fill Addison's place at Seattle Grace. Yeah. You heard me. Jane Doe/Ava's freakout at the end of ep 20, when she had a false alarm that her identity had been confirmed, was great. Then, her gossipy sweetness in trying to make up with Alex the next ep was even better. I love 'er! And Karev's been kicking ass too. I suppose it's only so long before the writers mess him up too, but he's very solid right now.

Finally, Mark and Addison (I can't be bothered with Burke and Cristina, they bore me, as did the thing with Roger Rees as her old boyfriend). Addison finally gave into her understandable urges (she works in Seattle Grace, after all, which is like a sex factory) and mercilessly screwed Alex. Only for Mark to FIND OUT! Meaning he didn't backslide on their little deal, but she did! Who saw that coming! OK, everyone, seeing as Addison/Alex was bound to happen. And I guess everyone saw Sloan being all hurt and coy about it, too. Hell, something's gotta push Addison out the door, after all. Still, I've really enjoyed them both this season, both together and apart. Mark is a great background medical guy (he definitely acts the most like a potential Chief) and he's good for steamy banter, anytime. His half-hearted attempt to vindictively hook up with Meredith was the highlight of this Thursday, even though it's definitely occurred to me that they have pretty strong chemistry. I can't right now see a situation where they get together, but I wouldn't totally bet against it down the road. After all, GIZZIE happened! ADDISEX happened! What's next? Bailey and the Chief? Gah...perish the thought.


Todd VanDerWerff said...

Is half the fun of the bed-hopping on Grey's coming up with hybrid names for the new couples?


Yes it is.

This is why I long for Chailey.

Libby said...

I'm dangerously close to being completely over this show.
The ham-handedness of the George/Izzy thing; the inevitable McDreamy/Meredith breakup; it's just too much ... I really dislike the characters right now and it's almost a chore to watch this.
I'm sad about the ruination of one of my faves.