Sunday, April 15, 2007

Quote of the day: The real Ghostbusters

(Todd and Libby are watching a special on UFOs and how most alien abductions can be explained by sleep paralysis, which also explains everything from succubi to the Old Hag.)

Todd: When I was a little kid, I had an episode like that. It was really scary! Have I told you about that?

Yeah. You saw. . .was it the Old Hag or a witch or. . .?

Todd: Well, it was Slimer, but it was still really scary.
Quote of the Day is an infrequent feature designed to resurrect Todd's first claim to Internet fame, a mailing list in the late 90s that reached thousands of people with the weird antics of Todd's small-town friends (a more detailed description is here). It consists entirely of nonsense quotes and conversations. Subsequent attempts to revive the format have all failed, but if you have a quote, send it to us or post it in the comments.

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