Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Say hello to your brother.": 24

OK. I've officially run out of things to say about this show, even when it has a pretty good episode like this one. I should probably just wrap this up for the season, but I'll stick it out because I am all about the sacrifices for YOU, my friends.

I think the reason this episode worked was because Jack Bauer was front and center again. Even in a lackluster episode, Kiefer Sutherland brings his genuine Canadian conviction, and he's been able to make the most of the wacky stuff he's been saddled with this season (from an evil family to the death and resurrection of his longtime love Audrey -- who's now being held ransom so Jack'll do. . .something). The Kief has long been the best thing about this show, and he proved himself most valuable player again tonight, taking down terrorists and stringing them up by chains (complete with lame action movie catchphrase -- see above), riding on the bottom of trucks (no, really!) and learning that torture doesn't always work (something of a 24 mission statement this year, I guess, after the torture-happy episodes early in the season).

I don't know that anything else really worked, but I was happy to see that the president's sudden decision to go nuclear was just a high-stakes game of chicken and not a complete personality reversal. Of COURSE Wayne Palmer knows best. He's a Palmer! Still, that make the up-and-back an up-and-back-and-up-and-back, so I'm not sure that was generally a good thing at all.

Gah. . .must get to at least 500 words! You can do it, Todd!

OK. Um.

I liked Ricky Schroeder finally? He's no Jack Bauer replacement, but he'll work well with Jack when the need arises. And, um, what was up with Milo's craziness? I guess he's evil or something? I mean, he IS Eric Balfour.

I do hope that the rumors of Jack being a lone wolf next season somehow turn out to be true. Everything about this show is dragging the Kief down this season, but when the writers can elevate him from a supporting player and give him stuff to do, he can still shoulder the load of a sub-par season and make an episode that appeals to that lower brain stem.


Luke said...
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Luke said...

I suppose the bluff turnaround was the best thing I could have hoped for given the scenario, and it does something to deal with the seething hatred I developed for the show due to last week's ending. So partly I'm happy.

But that still doesn't justify last week's ending existing in the first place. And though the show avoided going to the heights of offensive badness it appeared headed for, last week's was still the worst and dumbest cliffhanger the show has ever had a part in (which is saying something, given that the season-three finale may be the only episode in show history that didn't end with a cliff-hanger).

The Jack-stuff was good, as has been said. If there's one good thing to be said about the creepy-Milo scene, it's that they're moving away from season-two clonishness.

This episode hardly excuses this season, but at the very least it gives me some hope that it might return to form next year.

Todd VanDerWerff said...

Goodness you're optimistic!

24 has just gotten to the point where they can't reinvent themselves for fear of losing ratings and they can't do any season without repeating themselves -- in short, the situation every show in its sixth season reaches.

You should rent The Sopranos on DVD.

gerge said...

You will always see Jack Bauer in front of 24 episodes.I think they have no other person whom they can rely upon to kick off the show.