Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"Tanya is tremendously motivated because three dollars are on the line.": Everybody Hates Chris

I don't have a lot to say about Everybody Hates Chris most weeks, but I REALLY don't have a lot to say about it this week, when it occasionally felt like an anti-gambling PSA (I doubt that was the intent, but the Rochelle scenes, in particular, felt this way). It was probably the weakest episode of the season, even if it did contain one of those great Chris fantasy sequences where everybody actually loves him. The Tanya/Drew subplot, often the weak link of any given episode, actually wasn't too bad, particularly when it brought Jim Lampley out, apropos of nothing, and I liked all of the '80s basketball shoutouts, if only because I enjoyed hearing the names of various players I followed as a youth.

The half-hour was just simply outclassed by the rerun of How I Met Your Mother (Slap Bet) that aired opposite and the new New Adventures of Old Christine that aired after and was probably the funniest episode of the show's run to date, concluding with Wanda Sykes singing a completely awful version of Time After Time completely devoid of shame and reveling in the awfulness.

Back to Everybody Hates Chris, which, again, I REALLY have nothing to say about. I'm kind of tired of endings where Chris does something that would have resulted in substantial fortune coming to one of the characters, but because he didn't do it at the last minute, no fortune results, and everyone's mad at the poor kid. I believe this device has been used four or five times, and I get that they can't have the family suddenly become rich or something, but it's starting to feel tired and a little TOO much like the kid is the world's unluckiest bastard.

OK. That's REALLY all I have to say, except to mention that I like the name "Chrissy the Black."

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