Tuesday, April 17, 2007

"You brought home literature from that meeting!" - Drive

After its opening double-bill, I hoped Drive’s future episodes would accomplish two things: keep up its breakneck pace, and reveal more about its characters so we could actually understand why they were racing. Last night’s episode, ‘Let the Games Begin’, gave us one but at the expense of the other. We learnt satisfying amounts about most of the ensemble (even if the ones we had already been properly introduced to didn’t do much of anything), but the sense of fun and adventure that graced the first two episodes had all but disappeared.

Not to mention that in giving its supporting players more stuff to do, their flatness in comparison to Nathan Fillion and Kristin Lehman became frightfully apparent. I was distracted from this fact because everything whizzed past so swiftly in the first two instalments, but without that sense of pace to mask it, the show’s main fault was clear as day – these people aren’t interesting or entertaining enough to hold our attention. Fillion is proving in every scene that he is a fantastic actor who can easily hold a show on his back. Perhaps the show would be better off getting rid of a few characters and giving him and Lehman (who’s also charismatic, and has great chemistry with Fillion) more screen time.

I doubt the show is going to survive long enough to even consider changing its formula, though. Last night’s ratings were up a bit from Sunday’s, which might be reason to keep the show in its spot for a few more weeks, but unless things turn around dramatically I think Fillion and Minear are on board yet another sinking ship.

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