Wednesday, May 16, 2007

“But how will people know you’re the world’s greatest reporter?” – Gilmore Girls

Several people have already said it, and I have to agree with them – David S. Rosenthal definitely knew that this was the end for Gilmore Girls. Or if not him then definitely Lauren Graham, who most likely demanded a rewrite of this episode (as she confirmed here) in order to give it a greater sense of finality. Really it’s hard to see the show continuing from this point – with Rory off on Barack Obama’s campaign trail, Lorelai and Emily settled into a peaceful relationship, and Luke and Lorelai back together, an eighth season from this point wouldn’t have been the Gilmore Girls we know and love.

Of course, it hasn’t been that for a while now. It’s true that this season has been a crushing and at times depressing disappointment, but lets not dwell on that too much now, especially when Rosenthal has managed to pull it all together so well with ‘Bon Voyage’. Sure the writing still wasn’t up to the Palladino level, but all the happenings of the episode felt like a natural end to each character’s plot strands, leaving aside the slightly rushed feeling to the proceedings. It was a sad episode, but at the same time a joyous one. There were moments of melodrama but mostly Gilmore’s usual cheerful tone was the order of the day. Every character got their moment, but the focus remained very much on Lorelai and Rory.

Some choice character moments: Luke staying up all night to build a massive tarp, Taylor’s gross speech (first time I’ve ever laughed at his lines), Richard allowing himself a moment of sentimentality and Emily trying to find excuses to keep Lorelai coming to visit. The only moment that rang false for me was Rory and Lane’s conversation – they haven’t been viable as ‘best friends’ for a while, and I feel Lane’s storyline has come to an unfeeling end with her burgeoning music career stopped short by an unintentional pregnancy. Lauren Graham got many chances to shine, and shine she did – the entire episode was like one long Emmy tape for her. Alexis Bledel also outdid herself, the dinner scene early in the episode an especial standout. In my eyes she has managed to keep Rory sympathetic and relatable through all her various escapades (especially in the first half of season six) and for that she deserves just as much praise as Graham.

Gilmore Girls has meant a lot to me over the last few years (see here), so I’m sad to see it go. As Lorelai herself says in the episode, it’s too soon. Still, I’m happy that it’s final episode proved a fitting send-off with many wonderful moments and chances for every actor to shine (except Liza Weil, but she got some great scenes in the last couple episodes). Overall I think it was best to end things here then stretch out the inevitable. So, goodbye Gilmore Girls. You shall be missed. And a message to Lauren Graham – please, please find yourself another juicy role. You’re far too good to just play wife to the big stars.

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Filipe said...

Yes, it was very satisfying as a series finale. I guess the one thing they might have done had they got confirmation (besides getting those famous final words from the Palladinos) was giving Paris at least a short scene.