Thursday, May 31, 2007

Channel surfing: Boston Legal

by Libby

My dad is simple folk. He likes sports a lot. He likes movies about sports. A lot. But then there's TV ...

Now, part of the problem my dad has with television is remembering to watch it every week. We'd suggest a DVR, but, just, no. However, if he puts his mind to it, my dad can manage to be pretty regular about his television viewing.

Growing up, I remember a specific incident of him being really invested in Twin Peaks, but I imagine it was a lot like this:

Where were we? Oh right, my dad. So it was a long time before my dad found another television show to enthrall him enough to watch regularly, and when it happened, it was Boston Legal. This development confused me because honestly, what could Boston Legal and Twin Peaks possibly have in common?

More than one would think, believe it or not.

In tonight's episode, the third seasonthere was a big trial involving the fates of two innocent, abused teenage boys charged with the murder of their big, bad dad. James Spader, whose body has now bloated to match the size of his head and his ego, and William Shatner were left to act as the boys' defense attorneys, and while the trial was rocky and epic, they remained victorious.

Fine. Typical law show material, right?

Well, let's see ... I guess I neglected to to mention the perpetual zooming and swooping of the camera that the director found completely necessary. Oh, and the inexplicable B-plot which included an incompetent duo of underling lawyers, one of whom appeared to have a split personality/Tourette's thing going on and the other, who wasn't really a lawyer. I think. It was all very difficult to follow. Additionally, this is where the show decided to waste all of Candace Bergen's considerable talents in this particular episode.

Other things of note: This show has a remarkable and overwhelmingly talented supporting cast, most of whom were either not in this episode at all or in it sparingly. Great.

Beyond that, considering that this ass-backwards law office exists in the same universe as Ally McBeal (and it's the Tommy Westphall multiverse, no less! -- ed.) one is left wondering if there is any possible way to get competent legal representation in Boston? I thought not.

So, I don't get it. David E. Kelley is batshit insane, and the more bizarre he makes his shows, the more the middle- to upper-class, aging WASPs eat it up.

I guess the suburbs are just as boring as we all thought. Sad. That said, I won't be investing any more time into this mind-boggling show. Unless I'm hanging out with my dad for some reason.

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Spanco said...

Its great show. James Spader is really fabulous and he is the king of this Boston Legal tv show. I have seen all episodes of this show.