Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Check out the casts of ABC's new shows

Complete with shallow commentary! All photos courtesy of ABC.

And go here if you want to watch video clips of the shows. They're not nearly as interesting as NBC's clips. Forewarned is forearmed.

Big Shots:

Todd: We are white men. We are powerful. Grrrr! Argh!

Libby: Awww! It's Dix and the City!


Todd: Man, look at Fred Goss. He looks so happy! And this is directed by the Russo brothers of Arrested Development fame? It looks like just another, "Man, it's tough to get old when you're a dude!" show.

I could have sworn Faith Ford was dead! Also, I can't wait for the inevitable Ugly Betty/Carpoolers crossover.

Cashmere Mafia:

Todd: We are white women! We are powerful! Grrr! Argh!

Libby: Now I'm kinda sad I already blew my Sex and the City wad.


Todd: John Heard?! What the hell?

Libby: I just. . .I. . .*heavy sigh*

Dirty Sexy Money:

Todd: Donald Sutherland looks like Martin Van Buren. I mean, that's where MY mind went.

Libby: Hmmm. . .I do have faith in the loins that spawned The Kief.

Eli Stone:

Todd: Every day, I go to sleep wondering what Greg Berlanti and Jack Bristow would do when forced to work with the crazy teacher from Boston Public. Now, I'll know.

Libby: So. . .I guess Adele dies on Grey's, huh?


Todd: Save yourself, Judy! There's no time for this sort of thing!

Libby: Which is worse: NBC's conspicuous lack of African-Americans or ABC's conspicuous use of a "token" African-American?

Oprah's Big Give:

Todd: What is the host doing here? Is he distributing the loaves and the fishes? Why are his arms outstretched like that? I just imagine him saying, "Lo, I come on behalf of Oprah."

Libby: I hate everyone, and I wish you were all dead.

Private Practice:

Todd: They're doctors! They're sexy doctors! They're OLDER sexy doctors! That makes this COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from Grey's Anatomy.

Libby: All I'm saying is that if America loved these people so much, then their shows wouldn't keep getting canceled.

Pushing Daisies:

Todd: I want to have Anna Friel's babies. And I automatically am predisposed to like any show that has a separate cast member photograph for the dog.

Libby: At some point I imagine it will be revealed why Kristin Chenoweth is holding a plate of cow intestines, but I guess that's why I'll have to tune in.

Sam I Am:

Todd: I see Sookie wasted no time in finding a new project. And I hope Martha Logan is just as much of a jittery basketcase here as she was on 24. (Fictional? What?)

Libby: Hmm ... none of these people appear to be mentally handicapped. Additionally, it seems to have nothing to do with Dr. Seuss. So ... I'm stumped.

Women's Murder Club:

Todd: It's too bad this isn't about a gang of female serial killers. That would have been cool.

Libby: African-American? Check. Asian? Check. Blonde? Check. Brunette? Check. Redhead? Check. So yeah, they're set. All key female demographics covered.

That's all for now! Check back later in the day for a link to a site where you can watch trailers for all of the shows.


Carrie said...

The only thing that sticks out to me here (other than the horror that is Cavemen) are Tim Daly's shoes. 50 year old men should not be wearing those shoes, no matter what the deal is with his character! It doesn't make him "hip." It makes him skeevy, and sad.

Todd VanDerWerff said...

Could. . .could I wear those shoes?

Also, I guess that Lucy Liu is not a white woman. But the other three totally are!