Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"Didn't I throw you out a window?": Heroes

I do apologize for my lateness on this and all my other shows--I do plan to super catch-up on everything once my final papers are handed in on Friday.

But enough about me, right? Cause even though it was kind of a headrush, the penultimate ep of this season was awesome! I will now go through the various storylines (and boy, there were quite a few!), RANKED BY THEIR AWESOMENESS.

I wonder what number one shall be? No, wait, that's completely obvious. See the picture above. Now, I'm not exactly a huge Star Trek fan, and when George Takei suddenly stopped being all stuffy and slashed a massive samurai sword around like a maniac, I didn't exactly think it was...cool, per se. Actually, it was hands-down one of the strangest things I've seen on television in this 06-07 season. Still, it had me laughing and clapping to myself, and it also was just...really awesome. Glad that the show didn't end up wasting a great bit of nerdy casting on a fairly dull role. With Linderman dead, can George Takei become Heroes' new scary/cool old guy figure? As for the rest of Hiro's plot, well, it seemed to imply that Hiro was either going to have to make some big sacrifice, or actually surgically remove his heart when fighting Sylar. In other words, I fear for poor Ando. Also--George Takei's character has a power...so is it the ability to MONTAGE? Aka to teach Hiro how to be a master samurai in a matter of minutes through a crazy montage? I think it is. And I think that is the best power ever. Never a dull minute!

OK, so, second most awesome thing, which was DL's brief showdown with Linderman. Jessica ceded control to Nikki, which was a little whatever, but DL finally got his moment in the sun (he's really been a bore this whole season) by shoving his hand into Linderman's head and seeing what happened. And what happened pushed, for me, the boundaries of network TV violence! Awesome! Go DL! Too bad he got shot doing it, but for some reason I think they're going to keep him around. Simply because I'm marking Ando for death instead in the finale (hope I'm wrong there, though). Also, Micah rigged the election as we knew he would, and Candice revealed that she was really fat and probably freaky-looking, but Missy Peregrym is hot and funny. Can we add her to the cast next season, instead of boring old Sylar?

Although speaking of Sylar, despite some boring lame posturing ("boom"--how clever), he was cutting a pretty swish-looking figure all done up in black. First time I've found Quinto imposing, especially when he took out the police van and kindly sawed off Ted's head (buh-bye, Ted!). Still, seeing as he's all badass, I assume they'll confront his growing status as mega-supervillain in the finale. My guess--either he goes totally amnesiac, a la Magneto circa 1995. Lets the producers keep him around as well as instantly humanizing him (cause really, didn't work last week did it!), but also allows them to instantly turn him into a threat again just by restoring his memory. Genius!

What else? Matt and HRG stormed Primatech, with HRG finally whacking Eric Roberts (seriously, I am very happy seeing the last of him--he never really made a tremendous impression apart from being vaguely creepy) in excellent style, but then faltering when he has to kill little locator girl. Also, little locator girl is the girl Matt rescued in like, episode 2, which I had totally forgotten. So I bet Matt's not feeling great about the whole thing. Neither is Mohinder, who might just be growing a pair as the season comes to a close--although does he also want Molly for his own hero-locating ends? Giving Mohinder a bit of a dark side might rescue him from the depths of wishy-washyness. Do it, Kring! Do it!

And Peter and Claire...didn't do much. Nathan seemed to be wavering about blowing up New York, understandably enough. Although really, that seems to be totally out of his hands--all he can do is fly! How's he gonna STOP AN EXPLODING MAN, eh? So chill, Nathan. You won your election, at least.

That's it for now. Next week--finale. Death. Explosions. Jayma Mays. I'm kidding on the last one, sadly. Plus, I'll have graduated (unofficially). See you then!

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Brenda said...

"Death. Explosions. Jayma Mays."

If only! Er, that's regarding the last option. The other two are pretty much a given.

Am I the only one who was totally stoked to see Audrey Hanson again? Clea DuVall is a great actress.