Saturday, May 05, 2007

"He doesn't even have any laughter in his eyes!” – Scrubs

Another Scrubs episode with nothing in particular to write home about. The best thing was undoubtedly all the characters fantasising about being married to Elliot; Kelso’s was the funniest (“I hate you” “I know”) although Cox murdering her was also very amusing (“Worth it!”). The idea of Elliot planning her own proposal was a little too knowingly whacky, but it worked well enough as the basis of an episode.

The focus of the episode was placed squarely on JD, and his attempts to bed Elliot’s friend Melody (guest star Keri Russell). Unfortunately - partly because the writers used this plot as a lead-in to JD’s realisation about his lingering feelings for Elliot - Russell got very little to do. Her character was never clearly defined and kept bouncing between quirky, whorish and downright insane. Unlike say Elizabeth Banks or Heather Graham, I was never into the idea of Russell and Braff as a couple, so their scenes ended up kinda dull.

Thankfully there was funnier stuff going on elsewhere. Sarah Chalke, one of the unsung heroes of Scrubs, got loads to do this week. Her reaction to the ring not fitting was hilarious (“Just get the mother-frickin ring off my mother-frickin finger!”) and her expressions at both of Keith’s proposals were sweet and very believable. Kelso had some standout lines – as always, any distasteful yet hilarious references to his invalid wife Enid are never not welcome. And Turk’s gradual descent into insanity at not getting any was a definite standout.

Yet aside from listing various amusing moments, I can’t think of much to say about ‘My Cold Shower’. Aside from a few episodes, season six has overall been a big disappointment for me, and installments like this one don’t do much to restore my faith in the show. It’s also starting to seem like they really are planning to get JD and Elliot back together again, which not only am I strongly against but would also seem to confirm my worries that there is a complete derth of new ideas in the Scrubs writer's room.


David Sims said...

Are you really against them getting Elliot and JD together? Makes total sense to me.

Libby said...

Ew, no.
I agree with Joey ... J.D. and Elliot together just seems like giving up.

Also: are we ever going to get back to the fact that J.D. is about to have a kid? I mean, I know no one is aware of this, but, still ... it's bound to come up again, right? RIGHT???

David Sims said...

Libs, I think the final couple episodes bring that up in a rather large way. Lizzie Banks is BACK! And she's the only other person JD has had chemistry with!

Joey said...

David, I'm against Elliot and JD because it seems like a fallback option that the writers have turned to because they can't come up with anything better.

Thaat said, if they're getting them together with the intention of KEEPING them together - as in, ending the show with them as a couple - I could be open to that if it's done right. But I'm betting it'll just be because JD is depressed and Elliot is nervous about getting married. Which is a storyline they've done before.

Also, I really don't want to see Keith's heart get broken? That would be such a painful moment!

David Sims said...

Apparently many of the writers want JD & Elliot to end up together, which is why I assume they're setting it up now (only a season & change left in the show after all). Some, like Bill Lawrence, have said they don't want them together, but it seems the balance has tipped towards the former?

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