Friday, May 11, 2007

"I am being stalked by pregnant women!": Grey's Anatomy

Ugh, not a great one this week, as we lead up to the finale next week. Looks like Grey's Anatomy just has a problem doing finale storylines. I mean, think about it. The final-third-of-the-season arcs have been Gizzie (bleh), Cristina & Burke getting married (double bleh), Meredith and Derek drifting apart (5x bleh) and Alex & Jane Doe (yay!). It's not that there's anything as stupid/crazy as last year with Denny and the hospital prom. This year, it's just...boring.

So, we've got George/Izzie/Callie. George is considering transferring, but he probably won't because Izzie told him she had no feelings for him (and then went off and cried quietly about it) and Bailey told him to shape up and shut up (good advice, Bailey!). He also probably won't because him leaving Grey's Anatomy cause he slept with Izzie after getting married with Callie cause his dad died would be a LAME REASON FOR HIM TO LEAVE. Personally, I hope in the finale Callie breaks up with him. Hangdog George is what we need. Now, let's be clear on this--I don't want mopey George of season three, I want HANGDOG George of season 2 before he slept with Meredith. Are we clear on that? Good? Good. Also, sidenote: I know it's a dumb complaint that the metaphorical status of the patients of the week is very obvious. But this week it was like, INSANELY obvious. There were four different instances where a patient was talking about his problem, and there was this like, INCREDIBLY long take of George/Izzie/Meredith/Addison, so we'd get that it was about them. It just seemed a lot more on the nose than usual. Gross!

What else happened? Oh yeah, Meredith's dad waltzed into the hospital and told Meredith to basically go die, rather than come to Mare Winningham's funeral. Mean Mr. Grey! What was bad about the scene (apart from the nastiness of it) was that while Thatcher ranted at his daughter for a whole minute, all the people crowded around Meredith (especially the Chief, who seems to have been appointed her new protector) just sort of quietly stared at them instead of stepping in. Very strange. So poor Meredith blew off her test, blew off her boyfriend and sat around being Little Miss Unhappy. Until the Chief rescheduled the test for her. Too bad she never talked to Derek, right! Cause then he would have felt included and not flirted with Chyler Leigh at the bar! Wait a second, wasn't Meredith being really open and inclusive to Derek the last few episodes? Wait, she was?! WOW! And Derek was still thinking about breaking up with her? Oh! The problem with this breakup (which sadly seems almost inevitable now) is that it's coming around basically because the writers haven't included much, if any, material of Derek and Meredith together since she drowned. So they're not using any outside excuses, it's just, they're 'drifting apart'. Please. LAME. I really don't want them to break up, because then we'll have to suffer through their boring nonsense until they reunite, but if they stay together they might be boring and 'distant', so looks like a Catch-22.

Only other thing this week was all the pregnant women. To taunt newly barren Addison, I suppose. You had Waverly from Friday Night Lights (which just got a pickup! WOO!) as Joe the bartender's possible surrogate, except she collapsed at the end of the episode. And there was the Chief's wife Adele (Loretta Devine), also pregnant at the age of 52, except she collapsed at the end of the episode as well. And then there was lovely Jane Doe, who revealed, in a really really dumb twist, that she's actually known who she was for days. Guess her little freakout over the operation was just a really good bit of acting then. I mean, HUH!?!? What!? Whatever, Reaser's still great. Looks like she's not a doctor, though. Sigh.

I dunno what else to say. Finale next week. Woo. See you then.

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