Monday, May 21, 2007

"It's NBC. They gave Joey 46 episodes.": two weeks of Entourage

Damn my papers for impeding me from blogging Entourage last week, cause that episode ("The Resurrection") was one of the best of this third season, with everyone getting a nice storyline, whereas usually there's a fun Ari plot and everyone else gets some throwaway stuff. . Sunday's ep ("The Prince's Bride") was less terrific, but the season is coming to an enjoyable conclusion...well, at least something's happening, after weeks of typical stalling.

OK, I'll do this character by character, cause the two eps actually bleed together plot-wise. Ari, Vince and E's plot was actually the weakest last week, but it got gears in motion on the dead-alive-dead-alive pet project Medellin, as they wrested control of it from a mogul (played by the always-welcome Michael Lerner, who's great at playing Hollywood ball-busters), laying millions on the line for full creative control over the script. Entourage is always solid at the wheeling-dealing part of Hollywood action, and this was no exception. This week, the three of them visited a Middle Eastern prince of some sort to ask for $60 million dollars to fund their movie. Now, this plotline was...far less plausible. They'd go for trying to get a massive wad of cash from a shady heir before shopping the scripts around the Hollywood studios? After hyping up Aquaman's success so much early on, I really can't believe that Vince's star wouldn't be strong enough for someone more legit to get behind him on this one. Weird. The whole thing ended up with Vince being forced to have sex with the Prince's wife to seal the deal. Oh, Mr. Chase! Whatever will you do! I love how a bad situation for Vince involves him having to have sex with a (older, but still attractive) woman. Damn his luck!

Then there was Drama, whose new pilot hit the air last week to terrible reviews but strong ratings. The whole episode last week involved Drama trying to avoid his reviews, then confronting the Variety reviewer who panned him before driving into the desert to figuratively drown his sorrows. Others have already pointed out how Entourage ended very similarly to The Sopranos last week, with Drama looking out over the Grand Canyon, but it was still a funny coincidence. Doug Ellin says he wrote last week's ep for the purpose of getting Kevin Dillon an Emmy nom, and it was a good showcase, although I think Piven is always going to overshadow him in that category, sadly. This week, riding on his success, Drama was called in to see Brett Ratner (in another "hey, look at me, I'm on Entourage! I can satirize myself!" director cameo moment) for a small part in Rush Hour 3. Course, they meant to call Drama's son on Five Towns instead of him, but Drama manage to plead his way into a cameo anyway. It was a far less entertaining, and a little too endorsement-y for Rush Hour 3, so I was far less impressed.

Maybe my favorite storyline these past two weeks has been Turtle's awkward courtship of a cool cute auto-shop girl. It's hardly a new storyline (really, down to the overprotective father and the understanding mother, it reeks of mothballs), but I think Turtle is an underused character and I like it whenever they give him anything substantial to do, which is rarely. Seriously! I know some people think he's irritating, but after he settled down (he was fairly hyperactive in the first season), he's grown on me quite a bit. Plus, his love interest is extremely suitable, and they have good chemistry. The scene this week where she made him take his hat off was especially fun. And cliched as he may be, the guy who plays the overprotective father (who is he? I know him, but I can't remember where from...), is hilarious, down to his sporadic bursts of deadpan profanity.

Only one episode to go, but really, we segue right into season 4 after a very short break, so it won't be too long. My guess for the season finale, is that Medellin will finally be ready so that Vince can shoot it over the break (the show seems really intent on avoiding the actual production process). And there'll be crazy antics as always!


Benaiah said...

He was on the show earlier as the guy who sold the guys speakers for a discount in exchange for Vince wearing his hat on Jimmy Kimmel. I think that was in the first season. You probably already knew that, but it is the only place I know him from.

David Sims said...

Oh yeah! I love that episode!

Filipe said...

This week plot highlight my biggest problem wih last week's. So it's very wrong to Vince to do a crappy movie in exchange for Lerner to finance his dream project that happens to be both expensive and commercially questionable, but it seems ok to Vince to sleep with the Prince's wife in exchange for the money.