Saturday, May 12, 2007

“It’s on the DVD extras, it’s labelled ‘Vagina’” – Scrubs

After an aimless two-parter that more or less wasted the talented Keri Russell, Scrubs got back on track this week with an amusing and dramatically effective episode. One problem that many (including myself) have had with Scrubs’ sixth season is that it has become too wacky to operate on a dramatic level, and yet JD’s principal storyline has been one of the heaviest of the show’s run. Well ‘My Conventional Wisdom’ rectified this somewhat with the return of Dr. Kim Briggs, which was nicely handled and helped along by well judged performances from Zach Braff and the always lovely Elizabeth Banks.

Kim’s return was combined with JD and Turk going to a medical convention in Phoenix. It was almost a shame that these two storylines had to coincide, as everything before Kim’s appearance was hilarious. For instance, Kelso’s chief of medicine ‘posse’ and Old M.C.’s constant exclamations of ‘Bust a Move!’ Obviously Briggs’ reappearance meant JD discovering she was still pregnant, so things quickly took a dispiriting turn, but good writing and great performances (especially from Braff, whose reactions to the discovery were heartbreakingly believable) saved it from becoming a bore-fest. It’s also great to have Banks back, although it remains a great shame that she’s ended up with such a downer of a role.

Back at the hospital Elliot is having doubts about marrying Keith, at first brought on by Dr. Cox but lingering even after he had reassured her. Once again Sarah Chalke excelled here, her superb comic timing taking a back seat to her equally superb emotional range. Travis Schuldt is also doing a great job as Keith, keeping him loveable but not so much so that we hate Elliot for messing him around. Elsewhere, the Janitor pretended to be the Chief of Medicine while Kelso was away. His stuff wasn’t as funny as it could have been, but Ted becoming so attached to him made up for it (“I need you! Doesn’t that mean anything?”).

Personally I think it would be cool if JD and Kim got together and Elizabeth Banks became a regular for at least a good chunk of next season. But events will probably take a completely different turn - we shall see. One thing we can be sure of is that this season is going to end in a dramatic fashion (apparently with a cliffhanger and everything) so I hope the writers can pull that off while also remaining consistently funny. Scrubs has successfully struck that balance for years, so one hopes it can strike it again with next week's double-episode season finale.


Todd VanDerWerff said...

At least we get a seventh season! Sure it'll be a little shorter than the others, but it should be more than enough time to wrap up all of the storylines that need wrapping up.

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