Tuesday, May 15, 2007


7pm America's Funniest Home Videos
8pm Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
9pm Desperate Housewives
10pm Brothers & Sisters

8pm Dancing With the Stars
9.30pm Sam I Am*
10pm The Bachelor

8pm Cavemen*
8.30pm Carpoolers*
9pm Dancing With the Stars Results
10pm Boston Legal

8pm Pushing Daisies*
9pm Private Practice*
10pm Dirty Sexy Money*

8pm Ugly Betty
9pm Grey's Anatomy
10pm Big Shots*

8pm Men In Trees+
9pm Women's Murder Club*
10pm 20/20

Cashmere Mafia*, Notes from the Underbelly and October Road premiere after DWTS and The Bachelor conclude their fall seasons.

Midseason: Miss/Guided*, Oprah's Big Give*, Lost, Wife Swap, Eli Stone*, Supernanny


Benaiah said...

Not a bad schedule. I fully expect "Private Practice" to be a hit, and that gives them solid tentpoles at 9PM on every night except Friday, which is the wilderness anyway. The only show I watch on ABC is "Lost" (which is going to come back uninterupted in Jan. right?) but I might check out a few of these news shows. If that Weds night holds up, where would "Lost" go at midseason? Is it going to be put where ever they are weak?

David Sims said...

Lost comes back in Feb, but it's not decided where yet.

On this schedule, I currently watch Brothers & Sisters, Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy and Lost. I'm definitely looking forward to Private Practice, Dirty Sexy Money and Pushing Daisies, and I'll give the rest of them a shot too (I'm hyped for Eli Stone, but God knows when that'll show up). Even though it's less exciting than it could have been (B&S and Ugly Betty stay where they are, Men in Trees is shunted back to Fri), it's a good schedule.

Filipe said...

The official word on Lost seems to be that they would like to have it back on Wednesday in February, but are willing to move it if the night works, giving that unless it's too dark for his own good Dirty Sexy Money will be up against a likely NBC loser (that's also a procedural going against CSI:whatever, making ABC the only actual counterprogramming at the slot), so it does look that it will be do ok enough to survive the fall (that is unless Private Practice is a huge enough hit that a confortable #2 starts to look like bleeding to much viewers). Lost will show up at 8PM wednesdays unless Pushing Daisies becomes a hit.

David, I'm interest in Eli Stone as well but I strong suspects that it will be thrown against CSI: Miami at some point next year (unless Dirty Sexy Money do such a strong job of holding Private Practice that ABC decides that between it and saving Brothers and Sisters, Berlanti deserves to be spoiled).

Jon said...

Huh, did anyone call Big Shots after Grey's? I heard Football Wives, Cashmere Mafia and even Dirty Sexy Money, but not Big Shots.

But yeah, otherwise not quite as eventful as it could've been, though they should probably keep it simple should they want to stay afloat.

Todd VanDerWerff said...

Hm. Posted a comment and it didn't take. . .

I guess they're counting on a big sampling for the first episode of Private Practice, which is, I suppose, something they can almost expect, but the show's a risk to hang on to that sampling. Perhaps then Dirty Sexy Money can hold some of that audience? But I see a lot of hype on the net assuming that's the second coming of Six Feet Under, when it's really a lot closer to Dynasty. That's what having Peter Krause in a show will do for you, I guess.

I had seen Big Shots post-Grey's on a dummy schedule, but it was swapped with Cashmere after a while, and I forgot about it. It's really kind of a smart move -- a lot of the post-Grey's shows have gone down so much because almost all of the men tuned out. Well, here you go, men!

Sad to see Pushing Daisies so unprotected. . .

Glad I didn't post the rumored schedule last night. The Tuesday comedy bloc must have been a last minute thing. I don't think it will succeed, but it's definitely a calculated risk.