Wednesday, May 16, 2007


7pm 60 Minutes
8pm Viva Laughlin!*
9pm Cold Case
10pm Shark+

8pm How I Met Your Mother
8.30pm Big Bang Theory*
9pm Two and a Half Men
9.30pm Rules of Engagement
10pm CSI: Miami

8pm NCIS
9pm The Unit
10pm Cane*

8pm Kid Nation*
9pm Criminal Minds
10pm CSI: NY

8pm Survivor
9pm CSI
10pm Without a Trace+

8pm Ghost Whisperer
9pm Moonlight*
10pm Numb3rs

On the Bench: Swingtown*, New Adventures of Old Christine, The Amazing Race, Power of 10*


Todd VanDerWerff said...

This is terrifically uninteresting and seemingly dooms the promising series Cane by putting it in the Tuesdays at 10 death slot. I don't see Shark taking off on Sundays either.

At one time, I thought they were going straight at DH with Swingtown. Now that they're not, I'm sort of disappointed.

And moving WaT back to Thursdays?

CBS is in full-on NBC-in-2002 "let's stretch out our winnings" mode.

Filipe said...

Yeah, the Shark and without a Trace swap looks real dumb. Very bad short term thinking. It will not make any good for both shows on the long run. Without a Trace will not do as well as it used to do in it's slot and Shark (which still could become a stronger hit if well handled) will be beat by Brothers and Sisters. If I was an NBC exec I'd start to think about moving Law & Order at 10PM the moment Shark shows any sign of weakness.