Thursday, May 17, 2007


7pm Online Nation*
7.30pm CW Now*
8pm Life is Wild*
9pm America's Next Top Model (encore)

8pm Everybody Hates Chris
8.30pm Aliens in America*
9pm Girlfriends
9.30pm The Game

8pm Beauty and the Geek+
9pm Reaper*

8pm America's Next Top Model
9pm Gossip Girl*

8pm Smallville
9pm Supernatural

8pm WWE Smackdown

Midseason: One Tree Hill, Crowned: The Mother Of All Pageants*, Farmer Wants a Wife*


Benaiah said...

And says that while "Veronica Mars" will definitely not be on The CW's Upfront presentation on Thursday, there is a slight chance that they will hold off on making a final decision until mid-June (maybe giving Rob Thomas time to make a pilot episode of the FBI show). This is a ray of hope for all the people who love the show.

I think it is 99% dead though.

Benaiah said...

Actually the buzz is that Kristin Bell will join the cast of Gossip Girls as an unseen narrator. Kind of a waste of one of the hottest people in television, but whatever. If V.M. gets picked up then Bell would likely be replaced (obviously).

Todd VanDerWerff said...

Farmer Wants a Wife pretty much sounds like the pinnacle of the televised artform.

Filipe said...

Wow, CW looks more and more like UPN at its worse.