Monday, May 14, 2007



8pm Sunday Night Football (until Jan 2008)
8pm Law & Order+
9pm Medium+
10pm Lipstick Jungle*

8pm Deal or No Deal
9pm Heroes
10pm Journeyman*

8pm The Biggest Loser
9pm Chuck*
10pm Law & Order: SVU

8pm Deal or No Deal
9pm Bionic Woman*
10pm Life*

8pm My Name Is Earl
8.30pm 30 Rock
9pm The Office
9.30pm Scrubs
10pm ER

8pm 1 vs. 100/The Singing Bee*
9pm Las Vegas
10pm Friday Night Lights+

Midseason: The I.T. Crowd*

*-new show
+-new time


Filipe said...

Throwing Bionic Woman in the old Lost timeslot is a great move (specially if the rumors that ABC will build Wednesdays around the Grey spinoff and move Lost to another are true).

Journeyman looks compatible with Heroes and may also get some of the Prison Break/24 audience that didn't get tired yet.

Dick Wolf might want to retitle L&O as "Law and Order: the show that refuses to die", but I guess if he really wants to get that Gunsmoke record he should take the longer than usual hiatus and try to rebound the show, cancelattion seems to be getting closer and closer.

Benaiah said...

"The Office" against "Grey's" and "CSI" is tough, but the show at least has a cult following that should watch it anywhere. "Friday Night Lights" on Fridays at 10 is not going to be good for growth potential.

I do like the idea of "Heroes Origins" and long seasons of all the hits to minimize reruns. The Office is getting 30 episodes, including 5 hour longs.

Filipe said...

Beanaiah, Office is getting 25 episodes. 5 of them being hour longs.

Benaiah said...

Not according to Variety:

"Peacock is also picking up 30 eps of "The Office" - including five hour-longs (Daily Variety, May 14)"

David Sims said...

Yes, Office is getting 30 episodes, incl. 5 hourlongs.

Todd VanDerWerff said...

Just asking this because I genuinely have no idea -- in that 30 episode tally, are they counting the second half hours of the hourlongs as individual episodes as Variety sometimes does?

Because that would make 25 episodes, but 30 total for a syndication package.

Either way, I think it's too much.

Benaiah said...

It is 25 episodes, with 5 hour long episodes. I had to ask an editor from Variety to figure this out though. There were 24 episodes this season, including 3 hour long episodes (and a few 40 minute ones beside), so this is a pretty minor increase. Definitely not a big deal as far as straining the staff or diluting the product.

Todd VanDerWerff said...

Sepinwall says it's 25 episodes total, but 5 of them hourlongs, adding up to 30 for a syndication deal.

That's only one more episode than they did this season but a LOT of super-sized ones.

Benaiah said...

Now I am hearing 35 again, so it is in the air. 5 hour long episodes is only 2 more than this year, but if there are 30 episodes then that is a big bump up.

Todd VanDerWerff said...

I also kind of like the Friday Night Lights time slot?

NBC kept Homicide in that slot with anemic ratings for years. I can only hope the same happens for Dillon, Texas.

Todd VanDerWerff said...

Here's what NBC press release says. It certainly SOUNDS like 25 episodes, 5 hourlongs:


Libby said...

I think the TIME slot for FNL is fine, the prestige 'Homicide' slot, blah, blah, blah, but I'm less than excited about the craptacular surroundings it has. But that's just me ...

Todd VanDerWerff said...

Las Vegas is the ONLY show on Fridays to have a pulse with the all-important 18-49 year old demographic (though that could change with Men in Trees most likely moving back and the arrival of BINGO), so it may work as a leadin.

Though, quite frankly, there's not a single leadin FOR FNL on NBC. There's not a good leadin for it on TELEVISION. The best I can think of is NBC somehow resurrecting Everwood.