Monday, May 07, 2007

"She'd go to the Gaza Strip in a yarmulke for Vince": Entourage

Great fun this week. Ever since last season's "The Bat Mitzvah", I've been hoping for another episode that got Ari into temple again, and what better holiday to pick than Yom Kippur? As a Jew myself, I know how frustrating the whole no-food no-work day can be, and I'm nowhere near as high-strung as Ari.

So watching Ari frantically try to cut a deal on Medellin for Vince, while having his phones confiscated by his wife and all the execs similarly locked down in temple, was a whole lotta fun. What made it even more fun? They threw Adam Goldberg in to increase the stress factor by a thousand! Even though he's often typecast and tends to appear in a lot of bad stuff, I love Adam Goldberg. There's no one who can play desperate, insane frustration quite so well as him. So even though his character came out of nowhere, it was great to have him kvetching with Ari. Harris Yulin made an amusingly random appearance, too. And Mrs. Ari was as miffed/sexy as ever.

As for the whole Medellin thing itself, is the movie really over? Honestly, I don't care WHAT Vince does, as long as he does something very very soon. I was thinking he'd hop right onto Medellin, but if that's over it's fine, get him a new project (I always preferred the Ramones project). I always knew Amanda was getting fired/quitting/whatever after five episodes, but it was done a little abruptly (the final dinner scene was pretty darn short). They did let Gugino go out with a little dignity, but her epitaph seems to read "never really got the whole 'boy's club' thing". At the end, she tried to call Ari on his bullshit to Vince, but since the movie collapsed as Ari predicted, it was tough for her to really take the moral high ground. Especially as she was sleeping with Vince, too. So I wish they could have ushered her out a little more gracefully.

The other plot (aka the Turtle/Drama mischief plot) involved Drama buying a crappy horse, or something. It was silly and not particularly interesting. Ed Burns made another appearance. When is Drama's pilot going to actually hit the air, btw? Because Yom Kippur tends to fall around late Sept-early Oct, so I'm looking forward to that actually hitting on the show. I wonder if they'll have it tank, or actually give Drama a little slice of success for himself. Might change up things considering Vince is such a bum these days.

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