Tuesday, May 08, 2007

"There's been enough bloodshed today.": 24

Even I'm not enough of a 24 season six hater to say that the CTU raid sucked. Indeed, it was the first truly effective action sequence on the show in a good while, complete with armed dudes entering with guns blazing and Jack giving himself up for the greater good and a teenage kid rattling around in air ducts and also giving himself up for the greater good (I suppose now we have to believe he's Jack's son -- well, those of us who don't read spoilers at least). It was tensely paced action, and it culminated in a great moment when useless drone Milo got himself shot in the head. Sure it was ripped off plot point for plot point from the CTU bomb in season two and the nerve gas attack in season six, but at least it was slightly different from those and had evil Chinese people and such (also, I totally missed the memo on when it became OK to shift the nationality of evil villains over to China).

Now, this is all a weird plan by Papa Bauer -- and stop reading here if you don't watch the "next week ons;" the next paragraph is safe for sure -- (James Cromwell, not seen for many weeks) to get his grandson so he can take him to China (as revealed in the next week on promo) of all places. I'm not sure the show was calling out for more Bauer family action, but at least it has nothing to do with suitcase nukes or anything.

That said, wasn't Audrey written out of the show awfully quickly? I was pretty sure she would stick around for a while longer, but off she goes to film the pilot for Lipstick Jungle or. . .whatever she was off to do. And she took William Devane with her, which is too bad because I was looking forward to getting to see him do more glowering.

Other than the CTU raid scene, though, this was a pretty typical hour for the season -- there was malfeasance in the White House (and Tom Lennox has hung on as a regular for far longer than anyone ever thought possible) and super fun computer adventures at CTU and it was all pretty boring, to be honest.

But, hey, at least we know 24 still knows how to bring the CTU raid scenes!

OK. I can't promise that next week will be any better than this week, but I do promise to you that the two-hour season finale will get some sort of detailed attention. I owe it to you, my dear ones. So that is my promise to you.

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Hmmmmmmmm.Nicest of the episode.If you are a fan of this show and watch 24 right from the beginning then you may understand what i want to say.