Tuesday, May 08, 2007

"The universe cannot be that lame": Heroes

OK, not the most exciting episode, but given that it was the first part of a three-part season finale, it seems forgivable. After all, Battlestar Galactica had a three-part finale with a pretty dull first part too this season. So it was mostly setup, setup, setup, with the main plot being a pretty irritating one.

That would be the half-hearted attempt to make Sylar redeemable, by having him visit his dear ol' crazy ma. See, Sylar's totally misunderstood. He's not a MURDERER, he only dissects the brains of people with special POWERS! See? He's fiiiine. He's fiiiine! No, to be fair, the writers didn't exactly make Sylar suddenly a saint. Even though he was alarmed at the thought of exploding and killing many innocent people, he still acted basically totally nutso. Still, through her behavior, the mother kinda was given a big share of the blame for Sylar being such a whackjob. The driving force behind all of this seems to be justifying keeping Sylar around for season 2 (I still don't know why, but if Kring is a fan of Quinto's work, fair enough). It's not unusual--comics rehabilitate popular villains all the time (see: Catwoman, Sabretooth, Venom etc. etc.), I just don't find Sylar quite interesting enough to justify the move.

All that said, the thing with the snowglobes was pretty cool! The thing where Sylar accidentally scissored his mom was less cool (totally saw it coming, didn't really find it plausible). Hiro's fight with him was less then spectacular, but I Hiro's journeying in the episode was fine, if a bit stally. And if the sword being broken AGAIN leads to his powers not being in use AGAIN, I'm gonna pitch a fit. Enough with the bloody sword! It's like the writers are scared of using Hiro too much, cause his power is just too good.

What else happened? Seriously. The rest was very filler. I've liked the Petrelli mom up til now, but she was SO obviously evil and manipulative when she made Nathan fall in line with Linderman's plan, it had me (and other fans) guessing if she was actually shapeshifter Candice. Even though it seems unlikely it was, seeing as Candice was hanging out with Micah in Vegas. Sidenote: it seems the writers have clarified Candice's powers and made her someone who projects images, rather than a physical shapeshifter. So, Mastermind instead of Mystique. Fits more with the powers we've seen so far, so that's cool. Also in Vegas, D.L. and Jessica trying to get Micah back, and found out that Micah was basically genetically bred by Linderman cause he matched Jessica and D.L.'s genes together to make the power he needed. Just like Mister Sinister with Jean and Cyclops! (I'm really into pointing out the comic book references these days). D.L. and Jessica are boring, so this plot was boring. And there wasn't even any Malcolm McDowell to spice it up.

I won't comment on the 'Mohinder saves the adorable hero-locator child with his own blood' bit, because it was kinda painfully sandwiched in. Mohinder really is just becoming baggage to the show. We really don't need to see all the boring things he does every week.

Also at the Petrelli house was Peter trying to convince Claire not to high-tail it to Paris, cause he needs her to off him just in case he goes nuclear. Hardly the greatest job in the world, but whatever, it's obvious Claire isn't going anywhere. Also, it's not like Claire shooting Peter is going to do any good, is it? HE CAN HEAL, PEOPLE! The whole thing ended when Peter and Claire met up with HRG, Matt and...uh-oh! Ted! And Peter started to go nuclear! Uh-oh! TO BE CONTINUED?! Well, I bet he'll definitely explode, cause there's only two episodes to go...oh wait. That's just silly. Here's to next week, I guess?


Jason Mittell said...

Definitely an episode designed to move pieces around, but still enjoyable for the most part. One thing I don't get about Sylar's power - doesn't it essentially condemn him to be evil? I mean, how can you open people's skulls & absorb their powers without being a sociopath? And since Peter & Sylar have been together, doesn't this mean that Peter can also do the brain-chomp thing too, for whatever that's worth...

And you forgot to mention the ep's best line from Claire: "You can fly? That's cool..."

Todd VanDerWerff said...

I wasn't horribly fond of this episode for reasons you've articulated. Once you've killed multitudes and devoured their brains, there's really no going back to say, "I wish all these people didn't have to die!"

Also, pretty sure Micah and Candace are in NYC, as evidenced in that shot when they panned from Micah looking out one window and into another window with characters we knew were in NYC. It would make sense, too, since I think Micah's going to rig the election.

David Sims said...

Good point Todd. Dunno why I didn't figure that earlier. Than Candice (apparently that's how you spell it for this character, so say wikipedia) must have been Mama Petrelli.