Friday, May 18, 2007

"You suck.": Grey's Anatomy

OH MY GOD YAWNSNORE. God. That made last year's prom in the hospital, like, completely frickin' awesome in comparison. Yes, the extra-specially long Grey's finale had all the characters sort of, have horrible things happen to them...and that's basically it. Shonda Rhimes said something about next year being awesome fun kooky Grey's again, which I can actually see, but still, this final third of the season has been pretty dreary. Let's see what happened then shall we eh? Eh?

Well the centerpiece was Cristina and Burke's marriage so I suppose I'll start with that even though I've been avoiding blogging about it as it's been a fairly uninteresting storyline. Well, I didn't think he'd go ahead and break up with her basically right on the altar! Geez! Have a little COMPASSION, Burkey! OK, I guess calling off the wedding at the last second is a tried-and-tested TV storyline (hello, even Buffy did it!) but I didn't get that Burke would be that...cruel. Like, even if he did call off the wedding, he goes ahead and basically abandons Cristina too? Say what!? The manner of Burke's departure seemed to be geared towards the higher-ups making a decision on Washington's future on the show (personally, I think he's safe, but you never know). He could return when season 4 begins a grumpier Burke, or he could just vanish with only brief mentions being made of his name, a la Maria Bello in ER. Sandra Oh's big breakdown after she realized Burke had made off with his trumpet and picture of grandmother was a totally Emmy moment, but Oh's a good actress and I expected histrionics, so that was acceptable enough (the choker metaphor was over the top, no two ways around that one).

Then you have Derek suddenly making some bizarre ultimatum to Meredith that I didn't particularly understand after making brief eyes with her half-sister (gross), who is by the way a total hottie and is apparently going to be a regular/at least a recurring next season. Woot woot! Seriously, I didn't get the Derek/Meredith thing (apparently the appropriate contraction is MerDer? I had no idea, but it makes sense) at ALL. Are they even broken up? Or are they just sort of, in a relationship but staring blankly into space while big indie ballads play over the soundtrack? My guess is the second, but there's going to have to have been some sort of resolution there after the show comes back. Derek's behavior was completely frustrating here, and has been over the last few weeks (considering Meredith's been fairly normal, at least by her standards, apart from getting slapped in public by her dad, which was hardly her fault). Let 'em break up. What do I even care. It's sort of amusing when Meredith is post-McDreamy, because then it means the protagonist of the biggest drama on US TV is a drunken, promiscuous, 100-pound abyss of hate. Just kidding Mer--love ya!

Even MORE boneheaded was Callie, who was clearly on LSD the entire episode, suddenly declaring her innate and powerful desire to make a baby with George. Like, right away. Um, WHAT?! Callie tends to be one of the more level-headed ones in the nutty boinkfest that is Seattle Grace, yet here she is trying to stake her claim on her barely-there hubby by making a baby? C'mon, she's smarter than that. I didn't buy it AT ALL. But then again, Izzie's little speech, while not one of the worst she's given this season (hello, her pep talk of evil when Meredith drowned!) seemed ill-fitted in just to leave George even more hanging. The poor guy. Not only does he have two hotties watching his every move, but hottie number three, the aforementioned half-Meredith played by Chyler Leigh, was making eyes at him as she entered the surgical program (what are the odds?!). Not only that, but Georgie Porgie went and failed his intern exam, meaning he has to do the WHOLE THING OVER AGAIN. Can you believe that! It took him three seasons to do it the first time, there'll probably be another spinoff brewing by the time he does it again! Still, if that lets him be Mr. "I already know all this crap" to all the hot little interns, he should totally do it again.

By the way, my suggestion for spinoff number two: Mark's crazy sex adventures across the country. Medical bag in one hand. Bottle of tequila in the other. It'll have to air on Showtime, but so what?

My favorite storyline of the post-ferry episodes, Alex and Jane Doe, came to a fairly well-done but still sad conclusion as Alex failed to grow the stones to claim Jane/Ava/Rebecca as his own before she was whisked off by her lame-o husband. I mean, sure, after a gentle nudge by Addison, he went for it, but she was already gone by then. Ain't that just the way, Karev! Now, I guess he'll be repressing his inner pain by having plenty o' random sex through season 4. Predictions on how long it takes him to hook up with Meredith? I say four episodes.

Finally, the Chief (who quietly gave the best perf of the episode--he's a sly dog, that Pickens!) found out his wife was 1/in the hospital, 2/collapsed, 3/pregnant, 4/having a miscarriage. Poor Chiefy! I dunno how they'll keep Loretta around a lot seeing as she's in Eli Stone, but I guess she'll just drop in every so often to tell it like it is, which is fine by me. Anyway, they definitely looked pretty united at the end of the ep. Of course, when Chief hands his Chiefship to Derek, Derek selflessly passes it right back to him, a decision that was much more Derek-like than some of his wanker moves this season. They really write him schizophrenically. So my prediction of Mark turned out to be wrong, but I always secretly knew they weren't gonna drop Pickens (new nicknames for him: the Pickster, Picky McPick, Jimmy Junior), I just kept forgetting to tell all of you. Oops!

SO where does this leave us all? It leaves all the characters miserable and considering their futures at Seattle Grace, although I'm sure they'll all be back next season (yes, even Burke), and apparently they'll all be having crazy sexy fun too. Hmm. I'm sure I'll be recapping it too (Todd can't fire me off of this show! I'm a hoot!), so I'll see you all then. Those of you who stick with it. Yeah. Watch your back, Shonda!


Todd VanDerWerff said...

What was up with Callie's name being on the board as the chief resident and then Derek asking the chief to be the chief resident anyway?

I mean, granted, I've only been half-watching this show since my HND review, but I don't think it should have been that twisty.

Also, Derek Shepherd is a douche. I sort of understand where he's coming from (and the fear he has), but, sweet lord, he's been one cold bastard.

Carrie said...

Todd, I was so confused about that as well. Were they maybe two different things, like chief resident and chief of surgery? If so, why would they assign both at the same time and make it so confusing? To drive us crazy?

Derek has been a douche for a long, long time. I hate MerDer (my favorite new name for them, BTW). This whole show could kind of go away at this point and I wouldn't even care, which is sad because I thought last season was fantastic. This year, not so much. Run away, Addison. Run far, far away and comfort yourself in the arms of Tim Daly.

nem0 said...

I think there's chief resident and chief surgical resident positions. Callie and Bailey were up for the former, which is why Bailey was so emo at the end.