Sunday, June 03, 2007

"Get an eight ball, cook it up with some baking powder, let it cool into a rock and smoke it.": Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

After last week's welcome respite from Studio 60's main storylines, the show picked up with its romantic comedy and its "your brother is in Afghanistan" and its sexual harrassment lawsuit stories. Needless to say, this was mostly disappointing, though the ending of the episode -- featuring Tom finding out his brother had been captured in Afghanistan -- was powerful in spite of itself, even though it didn't really belong in THIS particular show. A show about a news network? Sure. The West Wing? Even better. But here? It just didn't make sense.

That said, what's up with Aaron Sorkin's female characters? I used to like Kari Matchett's character on this show, but this week, she devolved into a puddly, giggly little thing who spent the entire hour flirting with Matt, even though she was supposed to be representing him and the network in a lawsuit. Her leaning back to brag about her IQ was gag-inducing. What reasonably intelligent woman DOES that? I haven't met one. In addition, there are Harriet and Jordan, two people who stopped making sense a long time ago (I still don't get why Jordan's with Danny instead of, say, Jack, other than the fact that he was there for her to fall into the arms of).

But this episode wasn't completely irredeemable. While I'm tired of most of the storylines, the show brought all of them to crisis points so that we can hopefully resolve most of them next week and then move on to something else. While the resolution of the Matt addiction storyline was a little hackneyed, that final scene where Danny berated him was pretty good. And it's amusing to see Sorkin beat himself, the critics and the general American public up over not embracing the show.

So, even though I can't think of a lot to say about this episode, I didn't feel like it was a complete waste of my time. I'm glad the ratings perked up a little, because I want to see the rest of this without renting it. For completism's sake.

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