Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"I mean, this is just silly!": Entourage

Sadly a relatively unexciting episode of Entourage (the above photo notwithstanding). Hardly a surprise--this show knows how to spread thin plots over many episodes, and I'm already worrying that the Medellin saga is going to take a very long time to go away. I'm worried about that because I've never been that into the idea of movie, and yet it's dominated the show for a better part of a year now. And once they showed us footage of the movie, it looked kinda half-baked, and now there's this episode's "chase Billy Walsh around LA" plot. I think I have a higher tolerance for Walsh than most, but he is now officially on my annoying list. There's only so much "oh, my movie sucks, I'm drunk and unpredictable" I can take. So, to summarize, I found the episode's A-plot pretty boring, and certainly not funny. The only funny thing about it was when they hit up Billy's sister (I assume it was his sister?) for info, and she was alternately stoned and enraged. She should show up more often! (after all, she's hot too--although that goes without saying for girls in Entourage-world).

The two B-plots were also kinda annoying, although as usual, Piven managed to drag Ari's up a little bit. Drama's OCD routine about throwing a welcome home party for Vince in his new pad was just one looooooooong joke that wasn't that funny and went nowhere. Once again, I preferred Turtle's nonchalant little quips to Drama's hyperactiveness. Not that I don't dig Drama, I'm just finding Turtle's grown on me more and more recently. Although WHERE is his cute girlfriend, please?

As for Ari, it was one of those out of nowhere Ari plots that is not gonna have much bearing on anything. He and his wife fought to get his son (whose existence I was in the dark on, although he may well have been mentioned before) into the fancy private school his daughter goes to, but Ari was later told by Principal Homer Simpson that his obnoxiousness is why his son won't get in. So, this meant some prime shouting-and-walking from Ari and a couple choice moments for the lovely Perrey Reeves. But really, if we're going to have unconnected Ari plots, can't we have some more that are actually set in the agency? I get that they want to include Mrs. Ari, but I'm hoping for more Ari-and-Lloyd action in forthcoming episodes.

So, really, the upshot of the episode was, is Medellin any good at all? Vince seemed to dig it, but Eric (supposedly the wiser) said it was a piece of crap. I'm ambivalent how I want all this to turn out. On the one hand, it might be interesting to do a story where Vince's movie is a failure and he has to struggle to work his way back into the limelight again. On the other hand, would it be that interesting? It's not like they're gonna have Vinnie languish in poverty forever, so the whole thing might just feel like more delaying until the inevitable Vincent Chase success story that IS this TV show wins out once again. Then again, having Medellin being a total success would also be pretty boring, especially considering that the idea behind the movie (and what we've seen of it) just isn't arresting enough. I was willing to get on board with Queens Boulevard's acclaim because we saw basically NOTHING of it, but I'm way less sure about this. Still, I bet Ellin and his boys can spin the plot either way--I just personally hope Medellin doesn't loom over this season as it did last season. New projects for Vinnie! New stories! More Ari! The return of Debi Mazar! This is what I want. But who ever listens to me?

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