Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"Right, because being the keeper of your secret coded goodbye message shouldn't have given me any anxiety.": Kyle XY

Did you ever have a friend in middle school that was all sweet and fun and easygoing, but when you returned from summer vacation the next year they were suddenly all Goth and tortured and complicated? And although you still liked them and understood why they changed you just kind of missed your simple, happy friend who would rather listen to Boyz II Men than KMFDM? Just me? Okay then. Well, unfortunately I think Kyle XY just might be in danger of becoming the television show version of that friend, and just like when I was 14, I'm not very happy about the change.

Episode two ("Homecoming") picks up right where the season premiere left off, with Kyle returning to the Trager home. He and Brian Taylor have concocted the perfect excuse for Kyle to stay for good: his "parents" were unexpectedly killed in a car crash, and named the Tragers as Kyle's legal guardians. Naturally, the Tragers are suspicious yet ultimately accepting of the story as it brings Kyle back into their lives. Even more craziness is piled onto their plate when they hear the "true story" of what happened to Kyle's five missing years: he was abducted by Adam Baylin because Kyle reminded him of his dead son, and Kyle only escaped after he witnessed Baylin kill himself (I think - I'm a little fuzzy on the details.) Wow. I mean, I kind of hated Baylin, but that is harsh.

Now that Kyle is back with the Tragers he only has two people left to see - Declan and Amanda, who both have new, terrible haircuts. Although his reunion with Amanda is lovely and sweet, things don't go so well with Declan. Declan wants the truth, and Kyle just isn't willing to give it to him. Just like a jilted lover, Declan does NOT take it well, and their confrontation triggers something curious in Kyle. It seems like when Kyle gets angry or stressed, he has a hard time controlling some of his abilities and glass starts to shatter. This ties back to last season when Kyle had a seizure from trying to use his supersonic hearing, and it's pretty awesome.

Meanwhile, Kyla XX is on the loose and Madacorp (who apparently are the people behind the Zzyzx Project, although I don't quite understand how Adam Baylin fits into all of this) knows all about it and are determined to get her off the streets. To do this they hire a super hot yet super boring ex-military bounty hunter type, Emily Hollander, and we spend half of the episode watching Emily hunt Kyla while Kyla figures out her way in the world, much like Kyle did in the pilot. Oh, except that she sorta kills somebody which is something Kyle managed to avoid. In her defense, he was not only a potential rapist but a redneck, too - two equally unforgivable sins in TV land. At one point, Kyle and Kyla end up in the same park and it seems like they can sense each other's presence, which is totally wicked cool and could lead to some interesting things in the future. Eventually Emily tracks Kyla down and shoots her full of tranquilizers, but not before she sees Kyla's photo-perfect drawing of Kyle. Ruh roh. Madacorp is not going to like that, as they think Kyle's been "eliminated."

I didn't want to do this so early on in the season, but I'm a bit worried about our dear little Kyle XY. It's only two episodes in, but already the mytharc of the show seems to be taking over, and this is not a good thing. Half of this episode was spent with Kyla and Emily Hollander, two characters that are boring so far. Also, I'm not sure if we should sympathize with Kyla or be afraid of her, and it's not a good kind of ambiguity. It's sort of an annoying kind of ambiguity. We understood Kyle's motivations in the first season through his voiceover, but as she doesn't have this window into her psyche I just sort of want her to start talking already because I am BORED and would kind of rather watch Kyle and Declan make eyes at each other rather than her stumble mutely around a park.

The thing is, I get it. I understand the need to evolve the mytharc of the show to avoid being stuck in a story rut. However, I really think they need to work on walking the line between moving along the story, yet still managing to focus on the characters and their relationships. Also, they need to get Kyle back into some teen situations immediately to get back some of the humor that's been so sorely lacking. I'm definitely not ready to give up on season two yet, though. I just want it to be great, you know?

Random thoughts:
- Sour Patch Kids sightings: 1 (YAY! Who knew I would be so happy to see product placement? What can I say, I love me some Sour Patch Kids.)

- Although all signs point to no, I still think Brian Taylor might be evil. I'm very stubborn.

- "Look me in the eye and tell me all of it was for nothing." Declan actually said that to Kyle. That's some straight-up Joey/Pacey-speak right there, complete with woe-rock in the background, and it made me laugh very, very loud. Oh, Declan and Kyle, you star-crossed lovers you. You'll work it out someday.

- Charlie waited in line two days to buy concert tickets? Apparently, Charlie lives in 1990, or hasn't heard of that new invention called "the internet." A cheater and an idiot, that Charlie.


Todd VanDerWerff said...

Weirdly, this is now our most-read feature.

Who would have thought the Internets were calling out for great Kyle XY analysis?

Good read, Carrie!

Carrie said...

Thanks, Todd, but don't be fooled -- I'm bribing everyone I know to read it. All 20 of them.

page said...

I'm not surprised it's the most read feature, this kid writes some good tv analysis.

I'm just not sure though Carrie, season two is looking a little grim. Or maybe it's just me, counting down the days until BB8!!

Enjoyed some Sour Patch Kids at Oceans 13, thought of you. They were fan-tas-tic.

Nea said...

Carrie, I love to hear about your thoughts on Kyle XY. I am not as excited this year so far. Do you think Kyla may be a foe, love interest, or possible his sister genetically? When do you think Declan is going to try to kiss Kyle? Sour patch kids, yum!

Carrie said...

Page: BB8!! WOO!! Although, CBS is pissing me off, using clips of my boyfriend Dr. Will Kirby to advertise this season like he might be on it. That's just mean. Don't worry, I'll be covering BB8 here. No one else but me is crazy enough to watch it religiously enough to write about the show (let alone like it, like I do).

Nea: I really can't figure out what's going on with Kyla/Zzyzx/Madacorp, but I'm pretty sure Kyla is going to be evil and try to take out Kyle somehow. And Declan kisses Kyle in my dreams every night.