Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"We'll have to start at the beginning.": Kyle XY

Last season we left Kyle and the Tragers in turmoil, as the Tragers mourned Kyle's return to his "birth parents." What they didn't know was those weren't Kyle's parents at all, but actors hired to hide Kyle from the evil Zzyzx Project by Tom Foss and the mysterious Kyle look-alike Adam Baylin, who Kyle finally met in the final moments of season one. Will Kyle finally get the truth about his past? The answer is a resounding yes.

Since we last left him Kyle has been a busy boy, hiding from Zzyzx and learning about who he is and where he came from. He's not an alien as Josh Trager suspected, but the result of a scientific study into what would happen to brainpower if human gestation went beyond the typical nine months. You see, because Kyle was gestated in an artificial womb for something like 16 years, his mind can do things that are so powerful they have the ability to change the world, and words like "prophet" are thrown around. The idea of a scientifically engineered person as a religious symbol is an interesting one, and I hope they explore this further as season two progresses. Adam Baylin was an early test subject gestated for 13 months and this prolonged gestation allowed him to develop the ability to do things like move a glass of water with his mind, a trick he quickly teaches Kyle. Telekinesis, awesome. I was born a week early, so I guess that explains why I can never get my cats to come when I call.

Anywho, Baylin explains that with great power comes great responsibility and using your brain without developing your body will lead to your body breaking down before its time, as his is now doing. I assume this was thrown in to allow some gratuitous shows of Matt Dallas weight lifting later in the season, and if that's the case this is foreshadowing I fully support. However, Baylin doesn't get the chance to die naturally because he is shockingly! gunned! down!, leading to a series of events where Tom Foss (aka Krycek) blows up the evil Zzyzx for good, thus paving the way for Kyle's inevitable return to the Tragers.

While Kyle was away doing exciting things like shattering water glasses with his mind and speaking in stilted sentences, the Tragers were left behind to mourn his loss. Mother Nicole took it the worst, going as far as quitting her job, neglecting her family and going into therapy. It seems Lori's boyfriend Declan might have missed Kyle the most, though. I mean, the boy basically passed up sex to talk about Kyle. Methinks someone has a crush. In the end, though, all is well as Kyle returns back to the Trager home just in time for the family's first home-cooked meal in months. I'll admit, it got a little dusty in my living room at this point, as the whole boring hour was paid off with a genuine, emotional reunion scene...quickly undercut by the revelation that little miss Kyla XX survived the Zzyzx blast and will inevitably cross paths with Kyle. She's a girl, so I'm assuming she'll be evil. That's just how sci fi works, my friends.

Overall it was great to have Kyle XY back, but I just wasn't impressed with this episode. The first half was all exposition, presented in the most boring way possible. Don't get me wrong, it's refreshing to have a show actually give answers, but I just wish they could have found a less tedious way to do it. Also, while Matt Dallas has a very expressive face, the fewer lines they give him the better. The premiere was full of dialogue to expose his sometimes wooden acting. Don't even get me started on Adam "Exposition" Baylin. Let's just say, I might have cheered when he got shot. Just a little bit.

I'm glad Kyle is home with the Tragers again because although logically that seems like a profoundly stupid idea (as Zzyzx no doubt will still have it out for Kyle), their relationship is the heart of the show. The last two minutes when Kyle comes home were free of dialogue, yet still the most compelling moments of the hour. Without family interaction, as this episode showed, Kyle XY loses its best feature - its heart.

Random thoughts:
- Sour Patch Kid sightings this episode: 0

- I'm calling it now - Baylin's mysterious friend Brian Taylor is evil. I have nothing to back up this hunch except the fact he is played by Martin Cummins, who is evil in everything he does. It's like when you are watching something and see Tom Cruise's creepy cousin William Mapother. You know that bitch is evil before he even opens his mouth.

- How is it possible that ABC Family is doing a series about college fraternity life and there is not ONE hot guy in the show? ABC Family, this is why I quit Falcon Beach. Hot boys are a necessity, to get over the terrible plots/dialogue/acting.


Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear your thoughts on the season opener. I enjoyed the show, but I was somewhat let down. I also agree that Adam Baylin's childhood friend seems like he will be evil. Was the actor that played Adam Baylin related to Matt Dallas in real life? I could not get over how much they actually looked like each other! I could not find the actor on the Kyle XY website. p.s. Do you think Kyle will still be sleeping ina bathtub?

Manny said...

I always wondered what the show was about. Now I know it's more than just people with no belly buttons. That just skeeved me out. Great review!

Carrie said...

The guy that plays Adam Baylin is J. Eddie Peck. If you were a dork like me, you might know him from his role as "Cole" on The Young & the Restless in the 90s. He's also been on a few other soaps. I will give the production props on some great physical casting, because he does look exactly like Matt Dallas. Too bad his acting nearly killed me, hence the cheer when he died.

I hope Kyle has a bed now. It's hard to watch him climb in and out of that bathtub. Dallas is a grown man, and that has to be uncomfortable.

Manny: Thanks! I heard the original premise of the show was just people without belly buttons walking around in half shirts, but that got vetoed my someone at the network. I think that decision worked everyone's favor, no?

page said...

Ha on being premature is why your cats don't come when you call them. Fuh-uh-nee!! I could not agree more about Falcon Beach. I had high hopes for that show, in the you know, good bad show kind of way, but the utter dearth of hot guys caused me to loose interest. I love me some Kyle XY but this first ep was a snore. I too am happy to have some answers but it felt like a wasted hour. They could have done all that in the first segment or first two maybe and then given us something more satisfying.

KARAN said...

I love to watch this show because of its storyline and its characters. all characters are very good and they all perform very well in all Kyle XY Episodes....
Overall its an best show for best entertainment.