Wednesday, June 06, 2007

What would you like to see covered this summer?

As summer TV begins in earnest over the next few weeks, we want to know what YOU want to see us cover.

We're planning to cover the big HBO summer shows, of course, and we'll continue to check out the summer burnoff of Studio 60. In addition, FX's two summer dramas will get a look from us, and we'll hopefully be able to keep up with Showtime's Weeds and Meadowlands (and Brotherhood if that airs in the summer). Joey will be looking at Doctor Who and (I hope) The 4400, and I'm hoping to lure some new contributors with bright, shiny baubles. Finally, Libby will be checking out the summer cooking reality shows and The Closer.

But are there other shows we simply MUST cover? We've got enough spare time that your wish is pretty much our command this summer.

Comment ahoy!


Carrie said...

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
My Boys

Todd VanDerWerff said...

Those are good suggestions, but I thought Sunny was back in the fall? I've heard both now, so I'll just wait for an FX press release, I guess.

Just wanted to say the word verification word was "wwfug," which is all kinds of great.

Anonymous said...

The 4400 would be cool!