Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"Easy, Veronica Mars. I don't need another headache with the cops, alright?": Kyle XY

Sometimes, the sticky-sweet nature of Kyle XY gets to me a little bit. Last night's episode was one of those times. Kyle's mission to help Amanda get back a stolen charm bracelet her dead father gave to her wasn't the part that got to me, however. His hunt and how it used both his superior brain power and physical abilities together for a common goal was compelling. Especially good was all of the interaction between Kyle and Lori, who are really developing a wonderful brother/sister dynamic. Also, the charm bracelet story tied into Madacorp when it turned out that Evil Madacorp Dude was the one who bought Adam Baylin's ring, the ring Kyle pawned to get Amanda's bracelet back. All of those things: good.

The reveal that Amanda's mother was the one who sold the bracelet was satisfying, but the fact that she sold it because they are having money problems since Amanda's father's death is part of what bugs about Amanda. Everything about her is just so good.
She's nice to everyone. She didn't sleep with the scumbag boyfriend. Her dad is dead. (And they mention it ALL THE TIME.) She's like a mixture of everything that is bad about Joey Potter and Lana Lang. I want to like her, but I just can't yet. Although her romantic interactions with Kyle are sweet, they just seem way too innocent and pristine for me. I like tawdry and sordid, I guess. It looks like they will get closer in the coming weeks, so I better get with the program I suppose.

This week, we also delve further into the adventures of Josh Trager: Saint or Sinner? with a truly After School Special-inspired storyline about Josh's newfound marijuana habit. The kicker? He got the pot from Nicole and Stephen's closet! It's this little detail that makes this trite storyline actually a little bit fun. My favorite bit of dialogue, when they were trying to figure out how to explain why they had the pot:

Nicole: "What are we going to tell him?"
Stephen: "We'll just tell him you have cancer."

Ha! Now, although I don't think they handled this storyline with quite the deft touch they normally have with their more PSA-laden issues, I still think it wasn't the horror show it could have been on a lesser program. (I'm looking at you, 7th Heaven. Don't try to hide behind that stack of bibles.) There were some genuine moments between Josh and Stephen and when Stephen offered the deal that if Josh had to quit smoking pot, he would too, I believed him and liked his reaction to the problem. I love the running theme that Stephen had a bad father and doesn't want to be like that with his own children. He's a good dad, but a dad who still makes mistakes. It's nice.

While "Come to Your Senses" was ostensibly about Josh's downward spiral into stonerdom and Kyle and Amanda's adventures with breaking and entering, the real intrigue of the episode was Madacorp's continued assimilation into the Tragers' lives. They are doing a good job setting their trap, slowing surrounding the Tragers from all sides by horning in on all aspects of their lives. Nicole is counseling Jessi, Jessi is making eyes at Declan, and Stephen just got hired by Madacorp to do "experimental software development." I knew Madacorp had something to do with Stephen's job loss! Right now the only person dealing with an outsider who isn't Madacorp-related is Josh. Unless there is some awesome twist where his new love interest Andy turns out to be Evil Madacorp Dude's adopted daughter or something, which would be kind of hilariously over the top. I have no idea what Madacorp's endgame is, but I am having a hell of a good time watching the buildup.

Also, it was nice to take a break from the "Tom Foss 80's training montage" for a week. Nicholas Lea is great, but his character's tunnel vision when it comes to Kyle's "purpose" is starting to grate because it's unclear what his motivation is, or if he even has one. His character was much more fun last year when they tricked us into thinking he was the bad guy and then flipped the switch at the end of the season and had him help Kyle. This year, his helping is just sort of getting on my nerves. Also, it's boring me. He needs to choke a bitch or something, is what I'm saying.

Next week: Declan and Jessi make out! Yeah, that's going to end well.

Random thoughts:
- Sour Patch Kid sightings: 0

- You all know I love all things teen, but during this episode there were previews for two movies that make my skin crawl - My Super Sweet 16: The Movie (Me: "That's a movie? Not just a reality show?" Roommate: "Yes, it's a movie. About two girls who are total bitches.") and Bratz. Seeing things like this reminds me that even though I saw John Tucker Must Die (in the theater) (cram it, I like Penn Badgley) I am still too mature for at least some of this teenybopper crap. Thank God.


Todd VanDerWerff said...

I have never watched this show, but that girl in the picture is cute! 15-year-old Todd approves!

Carrie said...

That would be super sweet Amanda, aka my nemesis! I guess 15-year-old you loved the virginal type, huh? ;)