Monday, July 16, 2007

"I don't want anyone going blind from the reflection off of your translucent boychest": Entourage

Even though this felt like a more proficient episode of Entourage than most of the fourth season so far, it still was boring and kinda off. Getting close to halfway into these twelve episodes, and every time the story is the same--Ari is always good, E is becoming profoundly irritating, and Drama and Turtle's subplots are becoming bafflingly disconnected from just about everything.

I mean, really. I really dug Turtle's girlfriend from the end of season three, but that seems to have been completely forgotten, which totally sucks (although, apart from Lisa Rinna, Turtle has refrained from chasing skirt so far this season, so maybe she'll re-appear sometime?). So, instead, week after week we get bizarre Turtle & Drama playing Dumb and Dumber as they prepare for a party, sleep with older women, hook the mayor up with a transvestite and this week, try to get into a medicinal marijuana club. It's all very well and good for a couple laughs, but it means the gang is broken up every week and that the guys responsible for humor are kept away from Eric and Vinnie, which means we get one plot of really dumb humor and one that's almost entirely humorless.

Take this week's humorless plot: it consisted of Eric finally throwing down with Billy Walsh after being called on his 'Napoleon complex', which was probably Billy's finest moment on the show so far (his "SUITS SUCK" shirt also provoked a laugh from me). Rather than agree with Eric's whiny complaints that Billy was a loose cannon that needed to be controlled, I instead found myself wondering why the show seemed to be so on the side of Eric at all. I mean, Eric surely fits the model of 'evil producer', who wants the whole movie re-cut and the visionary director locked out of post-production. It's a cliche, but it's rare the story is told from the perspective of the harried producer! Amazing how...corporate the Medellin storyline is turning out. The 'amusing' little twist at the end of this week's episode had Eric swearing he'd never work with Walsh again, before being told by Ari that he had landed Vince and Eric in some mountaineering movie, but had also promised Walsh would direct! Uh oh! More Walsh? Really? I dunno about that. My feelings for the character veer from boredom to amusement, but I think he should be tucked away for a WHILE after Medellin is wrapped up.

I actually have very little else to say about this episode. Ari's banter with Lloyd was great as usual, as was their scheming against Josh Weinstein (although the whole 'ew brokeback mtn is gay' thing was really unnecessary). The celeb cameos (Snoop Dogg and, oddly, Elvis Mitchell) were out of left field as usual. Vince is becoming more and more spectral, considering he does like NEXT TO NOTHING every week. Oh, and I was graduating last week, so you're gonna have to wait until Thursday for another two-week catchup on Rescue Me, which I hear is equally disappointing. Shame how former favorites of mine are turning out that way!

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Todd VanDerWerff said...

Rescue Me felt like they took three coherent scripts that were "too slow" and mixed them all together into something that didn't really have a throughline, though it did have one really strong scene (you'll know it).

Anyway, Entourage IS getting weirdly corporate. It might be fascinating if it was better executed, as this is a story we don't hear from that perspective. Instead, we get lame-ass Brian Grazer cameos.