Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"I think we need to expand the definition of normal when it comes to you.": Kyle XY

DON'T TRUST FOSS. With those three words, the annoying Tom Foss subplot (and Kyle's increasingly tedious "what's my brain for?" storyline in general) suddenly got much, more more interesting. What it means, however is still very unclear.

Let me back up and explain where the message came from, shall I? While searching for answers in Adam Baylin's journals and workbooks, Kyle suddenly finds himself having strange visions of a postcard bearing a Hungarian phrase. A few days later, the mailman delivers the exact postcard from his vision. Kyle tells Nicole about these strange visions, and then Foss, who gets bent out of shape because according to Foss everything Kyle does must be the biggest secret in the history of secrets. Later Kyle has another vision, this time of Adam Baylin, and discovers that not only can he recall photo-perfect memories at will, he can also manipulate those memories to see things he might have missed the first time. By doing this, he discovers that Baylin hid a CD-ROM in a Hungarian book which he retrieves and tries to listen to. In the end, after a lot of fancy smartypants tricks, he figures out that the vocal recording is actually a cryptogram that can only be deciphered by using the decibel levels of the audio. What does that cryptogram reveal? Yep - DON'T TRUST FOSS. When Kyle goes to confront Foss, he of course is gone without a trace.

At first glance, this is an awesome twist. Foss becomes the bad guy again, or a fun red herring. I will admit to saying, loudly, "AWESOME" when the message was revealed. However, some quibbles. Why was Foss gone when Kyle went to see him? He didn't know the message existed. He had no clue Kyle was suspicious at all. I hope there is a good explanation, because it is all too convenient. Also, if Foss is actually evil, why couldn't Adam Baylin just have told Kyle this to begin with? Why was Baylin even allowing Foss to help them if he was evil? I think a much more compelling twist would be if Baylin was evil and his evil friend Brian Taylor were doing evil things behind Foss's back. I know, this doesn't make any sense but I am sticking to my "Brian Taylor is evil" credo and can't let go.

This week's episode was once again very Josh-heavy, which would normally be a bit tiring, but his new friend Andy is so darn cute I forgot how annoying Josh can be. You see, Josh is about to go out on his first date with your typical television big boobs/small brain stereotype. Andy, because she is of course secretly in love with Josh, decides she needs to help him prepare for the date so he doesn't embarrass himself. You can see the ending of this story a mile away, but the journey Josh and Andy take from friends to maybe more than friends throughout the hour is honest and sweet. Andy could be your typical TV tomboy, but the actress and writing really elevate her to so much more than just a stereotype. I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy watching this relationship evolve. (If it's allowed to evolve -- did anyone else see that suspicious headache Andy got? Is she going to be a cancer girl? I hope not.)

The triangle of Lori/Declan/Jessi hasn't gotten any more interesting, however. Poor Lori needs a new guy because Declan does nothing but dump on her and cause her to turn into a Seattle version of Julie Emrick, which is never a good thing, and Declan is too busy making out with zombies to notice. Wake me up when Jessi's character makes any sense, honestly. I totally don't get the insta-sparks between Declan and Jessi and why he would even put up with such a strange girl after the awesomeness that is Lori Trager. The one great thing to come out of Jessi's storyline this week actually came from Emily Hollander, when we learned that she has a child of her own who she visits every night. I'm not sure how this will play in the future, but I'm sure it will have some sort of consequences for Emily.

Now that Stephen is working at Madacorp, he also has an opportunity to interact with Emily Hollander and their interaction is not making me very happy. It seems that Emily might have been directed to infiltrate the Trager family on more than just a surface level, as they are hinting at a potential Stephen/Emily affair. Hands off, Emily! I am not afraid to hurt you. And neither is Nicole Trager, I'm sure.

Next week: Kyle dances! Since he's awesome at everything, I hope Matt Dallas has some mad skillz. Like David Silver.

Random thoughts:
- Sour Patch Kid sightings: 0

- The postcard was addressed to "Kyle Trager." Aw.

- Did the corporate video playing in the Madacorp lobby remind anyone else of the Skynet presentation during Terminator 2 ride at Universal Studios?

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